Mar 29, 2009

Life Goes On...

Here's one of the common lines that I've encountered:

Why is it that when I do something good, No one remembers? But when I made a mistake, everybody remembers?

Well, when one commits a mistake, it's really easy to remember. Just when you are being reprimanded by your boss, teacher or superior because of a certain error that you commit, from that day forward, you will never ever forget the experience. It's kind of irritating, annoying, embarrassing though but that's how most people perceive life. I hated it, too, but we cannot control the minds of people, we can't stop them if that's the only thing that they remember from us. One thing's for sure... Life goes on ;)

Mar 28, 2009

Life Is Great!

I can't believe that March is almost over. How time flies so fast without me noticing it. But I am so grateful for everything that had happened in my life. I may have experienced so many low moments in my life but I have so many happy memories and so much to thank for, and one of them is my family. They are so loving and supportive of me that I don't care much if I'm not that so fortunate in my career. Actually, part of it was my decision, too. I wanted to work but I've preferred spending it and taking care of my family. And if I ever opt to really work, having a meager wage is impossible that's why my family also considered that we go abroad to find a better work. Nah, let me set that aside. Let me just say this out loud today - thank God for this life, for my family and for everything...and even for the trials that I've encountered because it made me stronger ;)

Mar 22, 2009

May You Be Blessed

There are really people who are kind-hearted and generous that I want to thank them for the rest of my life. But sometimes, I wonder if I could ever repay their kindness. I pray that people like them will be forever blessed. Who would ever thought that they would include my daughter to receive their benefits and gave it as a gift where in fact, it is rightfully theirs? Tears really welled up in my eyes and I hope someday, we can also do something good for them.

Mar 21, 2009

Taking Advantage

I don't like it when some people are just taking advantage of me. They only look for me when they need me. But when it's my turn to do that, it's as if these people vanished into thin air. I sent them a text message, ym or even email, yet I could not reach them. And when I happen to see them by chance, they don't even give me some explanation. It's as if nothing happened. Ouch! Well, now I know what's my approach to them, too.

Mar 8, 2009

Try To Be Grateful

I found some people to be so insensitive enough. Sometimes, it made me think if they're envious or not. Like when they borrowed some things from others, instead of being grateful, they tend to comment the brand, the settings or whatever they wanted to say. Ok, not everything they expected to be there would work out but at least somebody out there was kind enough to let them borrow things that they don't have. If they want to comment, why not do it privately? Not out loud where everybody, even the owner, could hear it.