Mar 28, 2009

Life Is Great!

I can't believe that March is almost over. How time flies so fast without me noticing it. But I am so grateful for everything that had happened in my life. I may have experienced so many low moments in my life but I have so many happy memories and so much to thank for, and one of them is my family. They are so loving and supportive of me that I don't care much if I'm not that so fortunate in my career. Actually, part of it was my decision, too. I wanted to work but I've preferred spending it and taking care of my family. And if I ever opt to really work, having a meager wage is impossible that's why my family also considered that we go abroad to find a better work. Nah, let me set that aside. Let me just say this out loud today - thank God for this life, for my family and for everything...and even for the trials that I've encountered because it made me stronger ;)