Dec 29, 2011

Time Off!

Summer vacation may be too far away but don't you think it is better to plan as early as now. If you are an adventurous person, perhaps you might want to experience galapagos cruise with your family or friends or love ones. You get to enjoy not only the beauty of nature but also the wildlife of the island and get to see the amazing creatures of the sea.

While at the cruise, you get to enjoy the great accommodation provided on your suite and other amenities like television, minibar, centralized aircon and many more! I'm sure your family will greatly enjoy this adventure. You don't have to worry also as you will be accompanied by experienced tour guide.

So, why not try to take your time off from work for a short while and have a great bonding moments with your family or love ones?! If you want to know more about Galapagos Island Cruise, try to visit their site to learn for more details. It is even better if you try to make reservations now!

Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!
I pray for good health and a sound mind this Yuletide season.

Dec 5, 2011

Read Before You Comment

I posted an entry in my other blog and when I went back in there, someone left me a comment. Nice of her to do so however, I hope she read my entire post because obviously, she didn't :-)

You could tell if one is reading or not. I posted the necessary information about my blog post and this person was asking question that's already there in my entry. Oh, I was not angry or pissed off with her. Was just saying it here (where she can't read it, hehe) that I knew she was not reading my post at all. Still, I was thankful that she was able to drop by my site so I visited her blog, too.

Nov 28, 2011

Tweet Now!

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Nov 21, 2011

What Happens Next?

I was out one time and when I came back, my daughters' clothes were already ironed. I should be grateful about it but the OC (obsessive-compulsive) in me can't stop checking how the clothes were folded.. Hmm, I ended up folding it again and even ironing some. I just can't help it. This is me. I'm not a neat-freak person but when it comes to my kids' clothes, I want it to look clean and neatly folded. I don't want others to take pity on them when they see my daughters wearing crumpled clothes. Even with the socks, it was not enough with me to see it rolled and folded. I've to make sure it was done neatly. Oh well. But with my own clothes, I don't mind since I'm not so particular with it. I only iron if it's needed (or depends on the quality of the clothes).

I also happened to check the trash and found my daughter's Halloween decorations thrown in the garbage. Hey, that was newly bought! My daughter learned about it and called someone responsible for throwing and she got this answer: "Your bat Halloween looked like a devil!". My daughter was astounded.

I explained to my daughter that bats looked more like a vampire :)... Bats are actually birds and they happen to be nocturnal just like the owl. Except that bats have red eyes and it will attack people if provoked, otherwise, some bats are harmless. Well, there are some things that looked like an angel but actually a devil inside.. Oh, I didn't tell her that last part. :p

I told my daughter to keep her things right away if she intends to use it the next year. Or else, all her things will be thrown without even asking her permission . Definitely that's not me who's going to do it for I am a keeper of things. But if it's beyond my control, for I happen to be out, then everything can be found at the trash.. and I don't know what happens next... (scratch my head, shake my head, tsk3x).

Nov 13, 2011

Don't Ask Me...

I'm quite pissed off right now. I just hope when someone asked me for a stupid question, he should be prepared for my sarcastic answer. Actually, I'm just trying to save his ass for all the credits that he has had. While I saved a lot, the other is living like a one day millionaire. I just hope he put the money into good use or save it for the rainy days. Because every time that he ran out of money, he's always babbling over me or making me feel like I'm the guilty party for not sparing him the money that he needs to pay for his credit CARDS. I spare actually, but I don't give a big amount shit of money coz I already have nothing left!

Darn it! Bullshit! I'm so pissed off and mad right now for he's also mad at me. He wanted to buy himself a gadget the he doesn't even need. We have so many gadgets at home and some are not even used already because he got tired of it! But it's not always enough for him. He has already EVERYTHING but still he's not yet contented I sometimes wish I'd go somewhere away from him! This is sickening! I hope he pay his bills first before thinking of buying luxury items. I hope he gets that but he never ever did!

Oct 29, 2011

The Best Service

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have never tried using a planned phone before and for many years I’ve been a prepaid user. I don’t like the thought of receiving monthly phone bills, wherein I am obligated to go to their office to pay my monthly dues. And if I cannot do it on time, I will be penalized by charging me additional fee. Unlike with prepaid where I have nothing to worry about. However, there are also disadvantages, for if I ran out of load, I can’t call,and I can’t also text. And I need to go out of my way just to load my phone.

But when I’ve heard about Net10 Unlimited, I got quite interested. For only $50 a month, I can avail their unlimited talk and text. They don’t even require me to sign a contract and I will get no surprise bills. What attracts me also is that they use trusted brands of phones. And should I decide to switch with my plan, I can do so without any additional fees or penalties. This way, I can easily contact my daughter at school or my husband at the office and I get to enjoy calling my relatives living abroad, too.

I am actually convinced of what they offer especially after listening to What Rob has to say in his video. He is a Real NET10 customer who was very satisfied with the services rendered to him.

To know more about Real NET10, you can check them out at their twitter account at!/Net10_Wireless or at their facebook account

You can also watch the video below to listen another testimony from a Real NET10 customer:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Oct 27, 2011


Sorry, been M.I.A lately. I was busy doing other things and I don't want to post any rantings this time, I need positive vibes, hehe :D

There's no exciting things to share anyway and so far, life at home is okay. My kid's having her break from school and as usual, I do my daily chores at home. In fact, I have tons of clothes to iron but am so damn tired to do it I'd better procrastinate again and again, hehe. I'm planning to do it tomorrow, haha.

My MIL suggested that I hire now a maid to do things for me but I can't stand them anymore. So fed up adjusting to them and teaching them what to do and the next few days, they would either leave or we'll kick them out for the mess they do. It's peaceful at home now that I don't have a maid. Although at times, it's nice to let other people do things for you but if they're a pain in the ass, then I don't need them..

Life's been okay lately here... so far, so good and I won't trade it for something that will give me a headache ;-)

Oct 9, 2011

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

My dad died of maxillary cancer ten years ago and a family friend died of breast cancer. I knew some people who are battling over this disease and I was so glad that some of them survived. I know it wasn't easy on their part because they were dealing this ordeal not knowing what lies ahead. And I am here only to support this cause, hoping that most of us, if not all, will be spared by being health conscious and live a productive life.

If you want to support this campaign, you can do so by promoting this awareness. Together, we can use breast cancer awareness products that I found online. Lapel pins, rubber bracelets, pink ribbon chains or even pink caps are available at their site so just choose which one you like best. And if you are also supporting other awareness, they also have it so just feel free to browse.

Let us spread this awareness in honor of our family and friends who are fighting for this disease. It may be just a small way of helping them but perhaps we can save a lot of lives by just supporting this cause.

Oct 8, 2011

I Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

The owner of this blog highly supports this campaign:

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month but am supporting this campaign all throughout the months and the years to come. Together let's fight this disease by being health conscious. The best cure is prevention so we must live a healthy lifestyle and don't forget to pray!

Sep 29, 2011

Bid and Own!

Let me share to you something about my mom. She's a thrifty shopper and if she buys things, she made sure that there's a promo or a raffle entry and hope to win. Well, that's my mom, she wants her shopping galore to be worthwhile and she indeed won some of the contests. Sometimes, she asked me to fill up some forms because I might get lucky also.

I guess she will be very much interested in reading reviews as it offers great opportunities. They have products open for bidding like iPad, iPhone, laptops, jewelries, etc. However, if you do not win the bid, you still can use your bid in acquiring the items that you like to have. They have everything stored for you, all you have to do is play it ;-)

If you have some queries, you can check out their site and don't hesitate to ask them. They guarantee that the customer service in charge is polite and courteous enough to help you with what you want to know. So, good luck on your bids and hope you are able to get what you want to have. Tell your other friends, too, in case they want to join!

Sep 21, 2011

Facebook's New Look

Almost all people went gaga on Facebook's new change. Well, I was one of them and I don't like the new look for it gave me a headache. There's a box on the upper right corner showing other people's activities every now and then. The pictures on my wall got bigger and some were cut I cannot appreciate it anymore. FB is so fickle-minded it keeps on changing. I don't even like the way I viewed the pictures that I'd rather choose the old one. Are the people behind this change not contented? Can't they not see and read the response of the people? Don't they get it that We don't like it?! But then there's nothing we can do for we are just users of their site.

Thankfully, there's an option on the settings that we can revert the old FB format and I just did it. It may not be the old FB look that I want but at least it's closer than the new and crazy one =)

Sep 13, 2011

Miss Angola is Miss Universe

The new Miss Universe was crown and she's none other than Miss Angola Leila Lopes. It's the first time for their country to win the crown so I am pretty sure her fellowmen are currently celebrating for her victory. I'm satisfied with the result also although I was hoping Miss Philippines will take home the crown but she ended up 3rd runner up. Miss Angola's perfect weapon was her smile which captivated the audience and the judges. Her answer to the question made her a sure winner for the night's pageant. (image source: click the pic)

Congratulations Miss Angola!

Sep 6, 2011

Stressed Free!

Sometimes, when we're down and troubled we tend to sulk in our room or be isolated and entertain negative thoughts. It's not really a wise idea for it's not actually doing you any good! There's a lot of ways to beat the odds and to do that, first, try to inhale and exhale =)

If you visited the site of Herbal City LLC, they are offering anything herbal to uplift your mood. You might want to try their Party enhancers, K6 herbal incense, Spiritual powders or anything that suits you best. You need not worry about it for the product is legal, just check out their site on how to order.

If you definitely need a break, go out and have fun just to release your stress!

Hunger Games the Movie

I can't wait to watch the movie version of The Hunger Games inspired from the book by Suzanne Collins. In fact, I'm done reading the 3 books so I'm looking forward to the other 2 installments of the film as well.

March 2012 is said to be the playdate of this may still be far but am already counting. I can't wait to see Katniss Everdeen in action (played by Jennifer Lawrence), male tribute of District 12 Peeta Mellarck (played by Josh Hutcherson) and my all time oh-so-hot favorite, Gale Hawthorne (played by Liam Hemsworth).

Check out their movie teaser below and be prepared! Don't miss to listen the mockingjay's song (or whistle)!

Sep 1, 2011

A Perfect Plan

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve been a prepaid card user for my phone for many years and so far, so good. But recently I was thinking, why not get a plan and avail of other services that some companies offer? Have you heard about Net10 Unlimited? They offer great deals like nationwide coverage, unlimited talk and text and web/email for only $50/month! And best of all, you don’t have to go through a lot of hassles such as signing a contract and it won't take up much of your time.

What is great about Net10 is that they use trusted phones like Nokia, Samsumg, Motorola, etc. If you're thinking of switching plans in the future, it can be done with no additional fee. There's also an option for you to either use simple phones or phones with essential features. Using this will be more convenient for me when checking up on my kid in school and hubby in the office. And it has easy access if I want to talk to my relatives abroad!

Hearing a testimonial from a Real Net10 customer can really matter since they have experienced the product and know about its advantages and disadvantages. Let me share to you the video of the customer:

Real NET10 customer

And have you seen their commercial? I'm sharing it here with you to find out how cute it is!

Cute NET10 commercial

For additional information, check out their product thru their Facebook page or Twitter account at!/Net10_Wireless.

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Aug 28, 2011

So Noisy!!!!!!!

I'm quite pissed off right now. I'm suppose to have my afternoon nap but our neighbor's dog is so noisy barking outside I wanted so much to scream!!!

If only I'm not friends with the owner I could have yelled awhile ago. Good thing that my 2 children are not disturbed with their nap. I wish this neighbor would know very well the definition of public disturbance. Sigh.... I could only wish...

Aug 26, 2011

When Friendship Turned Sour...

Whew! I came from somebody else's blog wherein this person was ranting about another person. I read what this blogger wrote and I seem to sympathize. Then, I logged on to my social network account and read somebody's rant in there. When I read it, it turned out that this person and that blogger were bickering to each other. Actually, they are both blogger and when I read both their sides, I found out that both committed mistakes, both had miscommunications and both were also right with their reasoning...

Anyways, I don't want to meddle with their business but it's just sad to know that they used to be very good friends (turned-sour). They have invested emotional bank already, they have shared good memories together and it just turned bad in one snap.

That's why I don't want to have a very close relationship with other bloggers for I don't really know who am I talking to. Of course I know the name, their places and whatever but to be very deeply in touch with them is so hard for me to do. Even with your own siblings and best friends you have misunderstanding, how much more to the person you don't actually see?

I didn't take sides to any one of them. Besides, why do I care? haha. No, actually, I don't want to meddle. I know know the root so I leave that to them. Hope they can settle that themselves because they're off age already and have kids for pete's sake! Okay, as I've said, I won't meddle so I'll just end my story here, hehe..

Aug 19, 2011

My Blog Looks Okay...

I am so glad to see this blog again. I did not blog for the past weeks for this reason. Yeah, my blog looked weird at that time that no matter what I do, it can't be fixed. I think one of my entries made it look like that but when that certain entry was fixed, voila, so is my template (",)

Another thing, I seem not to have opps in this blog recently...hmmm.. I wonder why. I used to earn here but lately there was no offer. But I don't want to delete this for I came to love this blog already. This is where I pour my heart out. It's my secret abode ;-) It's my sanctuary...

Well, I guess I'll just be patient and blog whatever I feel like blogging. I made this for personal reasons anyways.

Oh, I've just noticed that my list of blogger friends are missing. Darn! I've to retrieve all of them and if your name did not appear, please do inform me so that I can add you...

Aug 5, 2011

Apollo 18

This is the new poster released for Apollo 18. This movie will be shown on September 2, 2011. This is based on a true story, about the 2 astronauts sent secretly on a mission to the moon. Although NASA vehemently deny this happened, but others insisted that it was true and some of the captured pictures were shown in this film. Watching this movie will make everybody believed why it was decided not to send man to the moon after this incident.

Well, I have no idea yet on what's to happen in this story but all I'm sure of is that this is a story about astronauts sent to the moon. Having read the plot, it made me want to watch this movie, to better find out what's going to happen and what's all this hullabaloo about this film. It better be good, I must say. I'll review on this again after seeing the film...

Jul 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse is Dead!

Amy Winehouse was found dead Saturday at her home at Canden Square, London. She was 27 years old. Cause of her death was still unknown but she was known for her bizarre behavior, beehive hair and rehab stints.

She was dead before 2 ambulance was sent to the scene. Amy became famous for her Back to Black album released on 2006.

We'll soon find out what caused her death but in my opinion, I guess this was due to drug overdose. It was just so sad to know that she died at an early age. She could have lived longer if she was not hooked on drugs, if she practiced self-discipline, if she tried to help herself but oh well, maybe it was also her choice no matter how other people tried to help her. I hope others learned a lesson from her. So much of life ahead and if you're down, hooking to drugs is not an answer... for it can surely kill you. Anyway, rest in peace Amy...

Jul 23, 2011

Blog Mishap

Something is definitely wrong with my blog. I decided to change my template but still, some of my widgets are seen at the bottom of my blog not on the side. I guess it looks better with the new template now unlike with the previous one where the colors were not even properly showing.

I still have to study with what had happened to my blog. I'm not an expert and I hope somebody will lend a hand to help me. But I know this does not go for free so I'd better do it myself.

Oh, be back later. Just telling others out there what happen to my blog in case your link/s are missing here. And just inform me if you're not on my list anymore for I'll be happy to put you back ;-)

And by the way, just sharing to you something valuable before I go, for it might inspire you. Sometimes, I think it is beneficial to take some web design
for I've known a lot of people succeeded in this field. And based on my research, is a
good place to start
. Why don't we try it now?!

Jul 16, 2011

A Wall of Health Benefits

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My aunt in Philadelphia, who currently works as a nurse, often sends us vitamins and health products. One of these which I’ve certainly grown fond of from Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products, in particular, Wal-Dryl Allergy Relief Coated Mini Tabs. Since I’m easily susceptible to abrupt changes in weather and very sensitive to dusty environments, Wal-Dryl provides me with quick relief from allergic reactions such as runny nose and sneezing like no other. I cannot begin to describe the relief I get after experiencing an episode of itchy watery eyes which I usually get after arranging some of my daughter’s books (she reads a lot, you know). I really appreciate that it’s so easy to swallow because of its small tablet size. However, I really have to keep it in a secured place away from the kids as it might be easily mistaken for candy. My Aunt tells me it’s cheaper than most anti-allergies in the market and from experience, I can really say that it works just fine for me!
Moreover, each purchase of Walgreen products supports the Walgreens Way to Well Fund™. And by the way, there are lots of giveaways on Walgreens product that you can get from several bloggers. Or you can check them out at



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Jul 7, 2011

Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Can't wait to watch the final chapter of Harry Potter 7. I've always been a fan of JK Rowling's book and I see to it that I also watch the movie version. I'm sure I will miss seeing the boy who lives onscreen. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint reprise their role as Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley respectively. It will be the last time we will see them together in this film. I've grown to love not just these characters but the actors as well. For the past 10 years we've been used to see them together but they have grown and needs to move on.
Anyways, hoping to see this last franchise on the cinema next week.

Jun 28, 2011

Something's Wrong With My Blog...

When I checked this blog this morning, I thought it was just my PC who was making my blog looked different. But now that I am using my laptop, I can really say that something's wrong with the layout of my blog? Dunno what happen. I just don't understand that what I placed in my right sidebar is now found at the bottom of my blog. I did not even change the settings... I thought of changing the theme but what I found won't fit on my blog's theme..

I still love my template but sometimes, it's nice to explore and try other things. If I can't figure out what's wrong with this blog, I guess I'll be force to change the layout or theme....

Jun 3, 2011

Scrubs For Nurses

Two years ago, I volunteered for a hospital job and was assigned at the Operating Room. We were required to wear our scrub suit once inside the area. I only had a few set of scrubs but fortunately, one of the employees was selling 2 sets of unique scrubs that without thinking twice, I bought it right away.

If I am still working at the OR this time, I would have recommended to my co-workers to check on for they have plenty of great, durable and affordable designs. They offer only quality products and you can even return and exchange it to them should you find any discrepancies. If you're also interested, go to their site now!

May 21, 2011

Judgment Day?

Seriously, are you going to believe this?

Then good luck to all of us!

But remember, God is the only One who knows when the time has come. A lot of people claimed this already, others said to follow the Mayan calendar because the correct judgment day will be on December 2012. But if you're ready and prepared, then think that anytime of the day is your judgment day.

May 18, 2011

Pissed Off Again!

I'm quite pissed off with our latest helper. She left home last Sunday but promised to be back early Monday morning but until now she's not yet here. Her things are still here so it's possible she will still return. Actually, I don't care if she leaves but since she's still working for us, she should have at least informed us properly. But another thing that pissed me off was that she has done a lot of damage to our place. A lot of our things were broken and destroyed and she also smokes to think I'm so against it coz I have kids at home. I told her to stop and she promised to quit but still I found a lot of cigarette butt at the rest room at the back of our house. While she's not around, I've fixed a lot of things she destroyed and this made me more angry at her. Wait until she comes back, that's what I kept saying this time. I'm actually imagining to kick her ass but I know I can't do that so everything just leaves to my mind.. I'm not really a bad person but I don't like people who abuse things and doesn't leave a little respect to me for that would make me definitely mad...

May 8, 2011

Pacquiao Did It Again!

Congratulations to the People's Champ Manny Pacquiao for winning against Shane Mosley! Pacman did it again but his coach Freddie Roach's prediction didn't come true that he would knock Mosley on the 9th round. Viewers were almost overjoyed when Manny tried to knocked Mosley down on the 3rd round but the latter was able to regain himself on the count of 8. It may not be Manny's best fight, his reason was his leg cramps, still, he won and got the title. (image source: click the picture)

May 5, 2011

About SMC Corp

Have you heard about smc corp? It was founded by Abe Levine and short for Special Merchandise Corporation where it focused on helping home-based business owners to expand their products and increase their profits as well. However, there was a rumor about smc scam going on but this allegation was actually denied.

As what I've read in their site, one biggest smc corp bbb problem is the difficulty in getting back the refund. But the company assured members of its money back guarantee provided that they also eligible for refunds. For more detailed information on this matter, I suggest you visit their site to check.

National Day of Prayer

I may not be in America but I support them on their National Day of Prayer. I hope all countries would do this. To give a day of prayer in honor of our country.

We may all differ in religion, in races, in cultures, but we should give thanks for everything especially if we are free from war and below poverty line. But at the same time, let us pray for the other warring countries that there peace and unity will be given unto them, and that they have a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor and hardships.

Together, one hand, one heart, one nation, let's all pray together and give thanks. (click picture for image source)

Apartment Rentals In Moscow

I used to work in a steel company before where it manufactures thin strips of coils. I was one of the staff in Production Department and most of my co-workers were Engineers. A lot of them have been sent out to other countries if there were important transactions made by the buyers. I remembered I helped my office mate find Apartment rentals in Moscow for he was assigned to go to Russia. He was sent alone and he was quite worried about his trip for he didn't know what to do and who would guide him there. We browsed the internet and found a Luxury apartment for short term rentals that would have been good for him for I was pretty sure he would get a good accommodation and a lot of free services. But since his trip was not for pleasure but business, he decided to make everything simple as long as there was a place for him to stay, a comfortable bed to rest, food to eat and the place was near his working area.

Finally, he settled for Lodging in Moscow for daily rentals so he would know his day to day expenses and he can always transfer and try to another apartment should he want to try a new one.

Apr 29, 2011

You May Kiss The Bride ~ At the Balcony :-)

Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Catherine on their wedding day. The couple looked good and happy together. And just like anybody else who watched today's Royal Wedding, I've waited for their kiss at the Balcony. Twice it happened and I was clapping for them because their first kiss was so short. Although their second kiss was also short, it was still memorable for they did it twice!

I can't get enough of these good looking couple. They were both lucky to end up with each other. And oh, I super love Kate's dress. Simple yet classy. I wish Princess Diana was there to witness the wedding of her eldest son.. I could only hope but am sure she's very happy :-)

Healthy Diet Food

People with weight problem or obese would resort to bariatric surgery. I know it's not an easy decision to make but sometimes, it's the best recommendation for them by their doctors. This kind of weight loss surgery is done by removing a portion of the stomach and usually implanted with gastric banding. This reminded me of one singer before who underwent this kind of surgery. She really made it for she was able to achieve her ideal weight. Anyway, after the procedure, a person will undergo a strict diet. Good thing that there are available foods or even vitamins to people with bariatrics. I found one site that offers commitment to their customers to provide the finest bariatric supplements and the highest level of customer service. They also offer money back guarantee should there be any problems that you may encounter. They also have bariatric vitamins and supplements and you can order it online. You might want to try it, so, why not purchase now especially that they are on sale?! You can check out their other food products that I'm sure you cannot resist! For a more detailed information about their product, visit them now.

Apr 26, 2011

Princess Diana's Legacy

Now that the people are talking about the Royal Wedding, other people resurface just like the ex-lover of Princess Diana, James Hewitt. What is even funnier is that many believed that he's the father of Prince Harry. Hello??!!!! Look at Harry's face, he doesn't bear any resemblance to that guy. Good thing that Hewitt said he and Diana only had an affair after Harry was born. I guess some people just wanted to ride on the popularity of the soon-to-be-wed couple. And look and behold, he was also talk of the town. I don't even know why I blog about it. But I'm not happy but a little bit pissed off. Anyways, hoping to watch the Royal Wedding on TV on Friday. I hope the Prince William and Kate will not follow the path of the prince's parents.

We Don't Need Them!

I'm quite pissed off with our neighboring kids. I know I should not interfere but their being mean to my daughter was too much. I don't want to cause any trouble and the best way I could protect my daughter is not to play with them.

You see, we live in this place of only a year. These kids from our neighbor befriended my child and how happy she was. My child is 7 years old and her sibling is still an infant. So, imagine how ecstatic she was to found a new friend in our neighbor. Sadly, these kids were not so nice to her. If they can't get my daughter's things, they would say that they will not befriend her anymore. Sometimes, I heard them say that my daughter's boring or her way of playing was nonsense. Excuse me, they were at our house and the nerve for them to say that. But still, I tolerated. These kids come to our place if they liked it and if they were inside our house, they were always trying to make our house a mess.

This afternoon, my child who didn't play with friends lately because it was Holy Week, was so eager to play with them. She asked permission from me. I was hesitant but then later agreed. When she called the neighbors if they could play, I've heard it loud and clear when they said "We don't need you!". I was so hurt and so mad to hear those words from those kids. They were so MEAN! I called my daughter right away and told her not to play with them anymore. I was pissed off that I told my daughter never to play with them again and that 'she doesn't need them, too'. What I did might be too much but as a mom, I couldn't bear to hear those words from those naughty, naughty kids. Thank goodness I'm not friends with their families so it's easy for me not to let them get inside our house! I'm so mad that even my child's nanny was also furious with those kids. How I hate bullies because it reminds me of my childhood experiences...Sigh...

Apr 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Everyone! I know some of you went to church to celebrate the feast of our Lord. But some of the kids are just too eager for Egg hunting. I don't know why they do egg hunting on Easter Sunday or why some called it Easter Bunny Hunting and all they showed were colorful or patterned eggs.
Anyway, what's important is that we get to celebrate this day to thank Jesus for all He did to us. So, happy Easter to y'all!

Leisure and Fun

I knew of somebody who admitted that his favorite past time before was lurking himself at the casino. But later tamed down himself and avoided the game. However, there were times that he couldn't help it but tried to play it again if a friend of his invited him.

Right now, I asked him if he's also into online casino gambling. He smirked and told me he's thankful that he doesn't know how to use the computer or else he will be tempted to bet again.

He said he just likes watching the Casino film and relive his experiences and even identified himself at one of the characters in there. I know he was just joking but glad that he's becoming responsible now. If you want to get an update of the casino, you can follow it to Twitter.

Apr 23, 2011

You May Not Kiss The Bride

Well, well, well... So the "you may kiss the bride" part on Prince William and Kate's wedding will not happen at the ceremony. Westminster Abbey forbids it to happen, saying that's only for Hollywood.

But who cares anyway? As long as the Prince chose to marry Kate, then the kiss won't matter anymore. They have a lifetime kisses to share with each other as long as they stay married ;-) And if the kiss won't happen at the church, they can always follow Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana's style ~ at the lobby, where people get to see them as a couple.

Apr 17, 2011

Learning Is Fun!

I finished 2 courses in College, Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. But still, I am still interested to get another degree thru Online University.

I am a computer enthusiast but I am not so keen in designing so I was thinking of getting online degree programs in web designs. My knowledge in this aspect is quite limited but I am very eager to learn.

But since this also involves money, I'm not sure if I qualify for Free Application For Federal Student Aid. But if you're also interested, you can check with them your status at this site:

Have a Blessed Palm Sunday!

Happy Palm Sunday to all who celebrate this feast. This is in honor of Jesus' triumphal visit to Jerusalem. It is also the start of Holy Week.

Palm Sunday is celebrated a week before Easter Sunday. This week, some denomination will celebrate Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday.

It is mostly the time for reflection, prayer and fasting. Wishing all those who celebrate and memorable and blessed Lenten season.

Apr 14, 2011

Good As New

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Brooklyn carpet cleaning company aims to provide customer satisfaction 100%. And if you want to avail their services, you can easily contact them thru phone and they are even eager to give you a visit at your most convenient time. You can also check their website for more details.

Courtney Cox Had Enough

Couple divorced, couple splitting, 'famous star having an affair' are the famous taglines of some of Hollywood's stars yet this comes in normal for them. However, actors like Courtney Cox and her husband separated not because of those reasons but because Courtney was tired of her hubby's childish ways. I guess it was because he was 7 years her junior but I don't buy that reason. He's already 39 years old for heaven's sake! And now he is being interviewed and he shouted to the world that he tried to seduce Courtney and even wanted to *&^% her but his ex-wife didn't give in. Come on, should he really say that for the whole world to know? If he wants to get back to his wife and be accepted, I guess he should try to keep his mouth shut first. Well, this is entirely my own opinion. (image source: click the picture)

Apr 13, 2011

SEO Consultant

Have you heard about this SEO Essex guy who is the extreme opposite of what you think of? Well, anybody has styles and it doesn't mean a person doesn't dress properly, he is not the right person for the position. Just in the case of Jamie Bennett who is an SEO consultant from Essex. If you will see them, you will not think right away that he is an SEO because of the way he looked. He's got tattoo and piercings yet when he works, he does really work. He is serious about his job and even work under pressure. But these SEOs have other lives, too. They deserve a break so just don't be too shock if you see them having fun or good time. I personally would like to have a boss like that than somebody who works like a horse and forget that there is also life aside from his job.

Obviously, this SEO guy that they are describing is well loved by his co-workers. And he seems to know how to balance his life from work and pleasure. He can be a friend to anyone but also can be your mentor when it comes to work.

Mixed Nuts

I am quite exhausted today. I would've felt relieved for I have already found a replacement for my old house help but I guess I was still under stress that I feel this way. I have to take care of my 2 kids and my helper is just here to assist me with the household chores. But still, I am glad for it. At least, I'd be able to relax from my other chores. At least my concentration will be more on my kids and not so much on the house. And I guess I should give myself more rest so that I will have energy to do other things and one is blogging. I've even have some paid post but are not yet done coz I was tired. I'm actually trying to drag myself to do it so that I will not have anything else to think of today. But I know, by doing it slowly yet surely, I can finish my task...

Apr 10, 2011

Gold Account

A lot of taxpayers or investors are including their IRA gold into their account. They decided to have their precious metals added because they knew they can benefit from it. They knew that if they put their 401k gold, it rises up when the stocks prices are down. Even during ancient times, they believe that owning a precious metal protects their wealth and holds power.

Investors with gold IRA knew that their metal is high in demand and its market value does not depreciate. And because of its rarity, they mostly placed at a highly secured safe storage at the bank for protection.

Apr 9, 2011

How I Wish...

We have a new maid today and one of my questions to her was if she owned a cellphone. I am a bit strict on this policy now. My helpers got crazy talking or texting over the phone and never got to do their job done properly. They made excuses to go home because they were told do so by their parents, aunts, children or whatever alibi they could make. Sometimes, they go to the bathroom to excuse themselves only to find out that they've been spending their time talking endlessly on their phone. Gosh, how I wish I were a bitch so that I could throw their phone away. But I tried to grit my teeth and only call their attention if it was too much.

But my new helper has no phone - to my delight - but that was only short lived. She asked permission from me that she really has plans to buy a new phone so that she could check on her child left under the care of her mom. But I made her promise not to use it during day time. But I still don't know how long this new maid of ours would last because last year, most of them only stayed for only a month or 3. I hope this one will not make any mess just like our last one and hope she's good and last a little bit longer...

Apr 8, 2011

Cherished Number

I am not really aware of this thing but just caught my attention when I saw it flashed on the net and I took time to read to understand what is this all about. Well, if you have cherished number plates, it turned out that it can be sold. Anyways, you can get it, too, if you want to have it unique. This site makes special number that you wish to have. You can make your own or you can have them do it for you. They also have an exclusive collection but guess that already differs on the rate. If you wanted so badly to make your own, you can also choose a style you want. But if course there's limit to the characters made and if everything looks perfect for you, you can have it made by them. But if in the future you want it sold, this site can help you. You can sell your cherished number and a new one. If you want to know more about this, I suggest you visit their site and check for style that suits you best. You can also call them over the phone and check on their services for they are open daily from 9 am to 8 pm.

Lazy Day

I declare today my lazy day! I am in no mood to clean the house. I just folded our blankets in the rooms and give my kids a bath. I didn't bother to clean the bathroom or sweep the floor. I've got piles of clothes to iron but I gave myself a break. Tired! That is all I could think of. I just want to read a good book or do blogging or browsing on the net. I am in no mood for chitchat either. I guess what I only have to do is cook food for breakfast and lunch, wash the dishes and that's all. I even decided to take a bath later, if I'm not to lazy to do it, hehe. Okay, let me be lazy just this once... I deserved a break :D

Mar 31, 2011

Flooring Services

When we transferred to our new place last year, I was very impressed with the Hardwood Floor. This house was build during mid 60's according to my father in law who used to live here. The windows, the floors were all made of wood and I can say that they used a sturdy material for it lasted for about 40 years. But this place will be renovated anytime this year. I just hope that the wooden portion will not be changed. I felt that this is one of the reasons why our place is not so hot during day time for the wooden floor gave coolness to the surroundings. Anyway, have you heard about Flooring Services? If you want your place to hire a professional who will do the flooring, you can check out one site that helps you putting it in place. They are even currently offering 20% off for their installation. You can see at their site nice carpeting, putting up of tiles, granite or ceramic and there's also laminating. For a more detailed information, you can visit their site and see which services suits you best. They also guarantee customer satisfaction so what are you waiting for?!

Talented Girl

My daughter was asking me to paint her face awhile ago and I have no idea what to do. Her aunt gifted her with a body paint material the other day and now she wanted me to make her look like a cat or a clown, haha. As I'm not a good artist, I just told her that I'd just make a butterfly on her cheek and she agreed. After I was done, she looked at the mirror and smiled but she took the paint from me and decided to paint by herself. Honestly, her painting was nicer and she was even creative. She made herself look like a peacock, hehe. My daughter is a born artist actually. Painting, sketching, coloring are her favorite pastime and she did great in those aspects. I believe that if I develop her talent, she will be great in her craft. I know I sound like I'm bragging but if you only see her work, you will know what I mean. She did lots of amazing sketches and I am so proud of her God-given skills.

Design Your Logo

Our neighbor invited me as one of her friends in one social network. She has plenty of accounts and one of them is their family business. I am glad for her because her business is going well. She and her family design a logo and so far, they have already loyal clients. I've seen their work online and I can say that they have really worked out on it because it has class and quality. And to think before, her hubby used to be against with the business she was trying to put up but now, her hubby is very active in designing and promoting their business. But if you have a hard time looking for a trusted logo maker, you can always browse online and check the site that offers the best. You can browse if they customize logo or at least meet your standard. I've seen one site that says that their design creates a big impact and 100% unique. You can also select which package that you like. You need not worry for they have professional designers who work on your project and they have great customer service. You can check on their site to see for yourself!


My 7 year old child is growing up so fast and even her feet is getting bigger. For her age, she is sometimes mistaken as a 10 year old girl and her feet is almost 5 in size. However, she's getting thinner, too. She used to be chubby but now she's like me when I was her age ~ skinny. I was wondering if her current milk has to do something about it. She used to drink Enfakid and no matter how expensive it was, we still bought now. But now she's drinking a milk which is cheaper but nutritious because it's also mixed with vegetables. We might let her go back to her old milk and see if she will gain a little weight. But if not, perhaps she just got her structure from me, tall and lanky...

Mar 30, 2011

Dining Tables

Our dining table before was old and dilapidated and I was so glad that we were able to buy a new Dining Room Tables that fits us all. And we need not worry, too, because even our guests would fit in if ever we will hold a party at home. I found also from this certain site a nice table that will look nice in our other room. Perhaps after our house is renovated, we might add a new furniture at home. April or May this year, our house will be reconstructed again but this time, it includes all area of our house. I'm actually getting excited what to decorate our house and what are furniture that we will need.

Anyways, if you are also looking for a great set of dining room tables, you can check their site and see for yourself the products that they are offering. I bet you will be overwhelm with what you will see. So, why don't you visit now?!

New Wonder Woman

Repost from In My Mind:

Adrianne Palicki is the new Wonder Woman! Yeah, you heard me right. I don’t know anything about her but I knew the Amazonian character that she will portray. Lucky for her to be given such a role. And I’m sure she will be compared with Lynda Carter.

I was a big fan of Lynda Carter and I’ve read somewhere that it was hard to find another Wonderwoman. And I agree to that statement. I was very young when the series was shown on TV and how I waited for Diana Prince to turn into Wonder Woman and donned her costume and catch the bad guys with her magic lasso.

Looking at the picture of the new Amazona, I’ve noticed that the costume was quite different…hmmm… a little conservative maybe? I don’t remember Wonder Woman wearing a very tight pants but perhaps there are more pictures coming. What was only published was the first photo of the one playing the lead role.

I know it’s early to judge now for I’ve to watch the show first before saying anything. Who knows, she might capture the viewers attention and everyone might have a different opinion on her.

I’ll just wait for the series to be shown. I’ve waited for years to see WW on screen again and hope it’s worth the wait…

Important Mail

Before, I get annoyed receiving email letters from my inbox. Now, I do understand that it's part of business. I'm glad that some sites asked permission first if I want to receive a business email marketing from them so that I will be updated with their latest news or products. That way, I will know if I need to check it if it's too important for me to use. But if you are having a business wherein you want somebody to assist you with the reminders or promote your product, then you can go to this certain website for easy email marketing services. This helps you send your messages according to its schedule date. After you create email with them, you can make sales in just a few minutes. You'll be given a free trial for 60 days, too. Anyway, you don't have to worry when you sign up with them because of their money back guarantee. But rest assured, you will never go wrong with them. In fact, you will earn more. You can also check their site to see which budget you want to get. So, why not try it and see for yourself?

Spare Us!

Okay, I got a message from my relatives that we have to raise funds for my grandmother who is currently sick. It's okay with me but what I don't like is that we, the grandchildren were task to do it but the children has nothing to do with it? Honestly, I don't get what others are implying. What I know is that the children (not the grand) are not in good terms so they pass the burden to us. Hmmm.... But not all of them thinks like that. It's just that I don't want to be part whatever feud they have.

Easy to Grasp

I've blog where it got so many spams. I usually deleted them but sometimes, some of them attract me. I know some of them are just trying to help especially in increasing my traffic, etc. but I just could not understand how their site works. No matter how interesting, it's also important for me to know how things will work on them so that I can be assured that their site is really credible. Glad that there is ppc search marketing that helps makes things easier. Thru their services, presence of your site will be visible and felt by others as they offer search marketing, call tracking, local directories, landing pages and many, many more! This is usually how it goes: first, they maximize your online presence, second, they help you find customers and don't you want that? Third, you can build relationship with others and this will eventually grow. And of course, with all that, you can then control the reputation of your site. If you're confused on what to do, they are there to help you decide to make things easy for you. Lastly, you have every right to manage your social graph. Your money will not be wasted, too. So, why don't you try with them and see how your site will prosper!

Beware of April Fool's Day

April 1 is almost near so be careful for those making pranks on April Fool's day. Honestly, I don't get it why people loves to make a laugh out of nothing. It would have been okay if it's not so serious or if their jokes are light and easy to take on. What I don't like is when some of the people are making so many nasty things, like making some of stars dead or make some crime and said all was just a joke. I wish the people doing this will fall on their own trap. It's nice to laugh at a silly joke but it's not funny when somebody make a mess on somebody else's life.

Healthy and Fit!

I'm currently watching my intake because after I gave birth to my second child, I gained weight. To my dismay, my tummy is not yet flattened and my pants wouldn't fit me. Hubby bought me a stationary bike so that it's easy for me to work out at home. So far, it helped me a little but with so many chores at home, I can't do it every day. It would have been nice if I'll have Luna Bars to munch while I'm doing my work at home. I can carry it everywhere and eat it while taking care of my kids. And if I will go out, I can still have some of these bars to bring with me.

I've actually seen this on the net and got me excited to try it. This bar provides healthy nutrition and I won't even get to starve myself! I can also choose which flavor suits me best. I kept checking on their site to see which to buy. Believe me, there are plenty to choose and all are nutritious with vitamins and has protein on it. So, if you're interested, visit their site, too, and you will know what I'm talking about. You will love it just like I do!

Bumped My Head

I was being careless awhile ago for I bumped my head hard. St---d me! I didn't watch out and it was oh-so-painful I thought it was bleeding near my eyes. I was in a hurry to do my chores and that was what I get. I left my chores undone and after I took a rest, I decided to do blogging. I told my hubby about it and he went home to check. He was worried not only for my safety but worried that people might accuse him of giving me a black eye, hehe. I'm expecting the bruise would come out later part of the day. I just hope nothing is damaged especially my eye part for I was really in pain when the wooden edge of our window hit hard on my face and part of my eyes. So, be careful also to other mommies out there...

Mar 24, 2011

Things Are Safe

Are you currently moving out of your place? Don't you think it's hard to transfer your things at one time? That's what happens to us last year when we moved out because we have lots of packages and we don't know where to put them. Good thing that my hubby's relative is located just near the place where we are going to live for we were able to store some of our things in there. But if you're in a hurry to leave but you don't have a safe place to put all your things, I suggest you try Storage Portsmouth for they have everything that you're looking for. They have spacious area for your things but you can also opt for a smaller place should you have few things with you. You can have your things stay there for as long as you want and you need not worry for they are highly protected. Services are guaranteed and they only charged you fairly. So, try not to forget them in case you need them in the near future. They will be a good help especially when you are about to transfer your things.

Mar 23, 2011

Dancing with The Karate Kid

And just where is Ralph Machhio? A friend of mine informed me he guested on Dancing with the Stars and he got nice scores and still looked good.

I remembered I got a huge crush on Ralph Macchio during his Karate Kid Days. I was very young at that time but I got so attracted to him thru that movie :) I've always looked forward for a sequel and he was my dream date, haha :)) Later did I realize that he was in his 20's when he did that movie. He really looked so young then because of his skinny figure. He was popular that time but after his Crossroads movie, I never heard of him...or perhaps I forgotten about him as I blossomed into a full-pledged teenager, hehehe. I really thought he was just ahead of me for about 2-4 years only to find out later that he was about 12 years my senior or so. Anyway, reminiscing those time made me smile. It made me wonder more after my friend told me about him and what he's been doing lately. I might check it on youtube to see if the original Karate Kid knows how to dance ;-) But from what my friend told me, I guess he's a good dancer...

Mar 18, 2011

The Climber's Shop

I've a friend who belongs to a mountaineering group. He told me that when they reached the top of the mountain, it was really cold that they need to wear the proper gear or proper clothing to keep them warm. If you are also fond of climbing the mountain or the Alps somewhere, I think it is best to wear a mammut clothing were you will be protected. I guess this is the kind of brand that the climbers opted to use because of its durability. The quality is good, the fabric they use is strong enough that it will not easily be torn apart. There are also mammut pants that you can use, mammut jackets, pillows and harness. Remember that you will have a hard time climbing the mountain if you wear something not right or uncomfortable. Better make sure that you are in proper attire to make the climb easier for you to do. So, if you are looking for this gear, do visit their site and check out the items that you think you need the most. You can browse plenty of items and I'm pretty sure everything that you need can be found in there.

Getting Nuisance

Duh! The school near us is currently having an activity but it's almost 9 pm and they are not yet done. It would have been okay but they're becoming a nuisance already. They played using their live band so loud and worst, their vocalist is just screaming not really singing. I wish they will stop now. Or at least their performers are just great to listen. I understand they are having a grand time in there but I hope they will be considerate to the people living near their vicinity. Besides, it's night time and their school is for graders not for high school students. They should be sent home by now...sigh...

Mar 16, 2011

Nice Carpet

Our carpet is so dirty that I had it cleaned. After it was dried up, I asked my hubby for putting the carpet back in place. We both agree to buy a new one and put it in one of our bedrooms. But we are looking for a nice product with good quality that will last for quite some time, and most importantly, a product that will not create harm to one's health. We also wanted to make sure that the carpet be put perfectly on the floor. Carpet installation can be done by my husband but he said he might need assistance to fasten things up as not to waste time and for the room to be used right away. I also checked on the internet to get ideas and see which kind of carpet is best to use. I hope these are also available in the stores near us because what I saw were really great and will look just great in our room. But if you're also looking for a nice carpet and for someone who will do the flooring services, you can visit SearsHome site because they offer a 20% discount on flooring installation. You can even have a free in-home consultation with them and isn't that great?! So, check it out now!

My Mouth is Sealed

Sometimes, I'd rather do things by myself. I appreciate other people's help but if they're here just to say a lot of things and criticizing what they see, I guess I have every right to be annoyed or get irritated. I wish I could say this to them, "Okay, you can help but will you please keep your mouth shut?". I know that's too nasty to say that's why I tried my best to keep my cool and not try to talk. I wish they're just here to support not to add a burden at my place :/

Mar 11, 2011

Great Treat!

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Great Treat!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GameTreat for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've actually done a bit of doing business myself awhile back when I was still single. One thing which I learned is that in this day and age, staying ahead of the competition is a very serious matter, especially when the product you are selling is quite similar to what others are offering. In order have that competitive edge, you need to offer something what customers will see as an added bonus when purchasing your product. This is also true for websites and blog sites. Since there are literally millions of sites today, one has to offer something unique within their particular website in order to attract visitors and web surfers and keep coming back.

Ever heard about Game Treat? This is one web application which can really help in promoting your website, giving it that unique and viral feel. With it, you can give a coolness to your website which it never had before by enabling site visitors play cool and exciting games. And get this, the games are totally free to both you as the website owner and to your visitors or subscribers! How's this possible, you might ask? Well, it actually utilizes an ad- supported engine, so aside from not costing you anything, it's quite possible to even earn revenues from the advertising done within your site!

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Mar 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen Got Fired

Well, sometimes, we get what we deserved. Just like actor Charlie Sheen who was fired from his own show, Two and a Half Man. The big bosses thought Charlie Sheen's attitude to be unbecoming and his dangerously self-destructive conduct made them decide to fire out the actor. The star has another legal battle to face, too. With his ongoing divorce of wife, Brooke Mueller, and the custody of his children, he is indeed in jeopardy and hope he could fix his life and come clean again.

It was said that Sheen was fired out thru text message thus made the actor furious. Sometimes, we must know that life is not always a bed of roses. People will get tired if you don't listen to them over and over again. Although everybody deserved a second chance, just make sure you behave and do well next time... (image source: click the pic).

Made To Measure For You

We live in a house that is quite huge for our family. This house is owned by my in-laws and they asked us to live here. Now, they decided to divide the house into two, more on a duplex type. I was sold out with this idea for it means to say, there will be lesser areas for me to take care of. While renovation will be made, we are also thinking on what to do with our place particularly the window area. My husband suggested for roller blinds for it comes in handy and it creates a nice effect inside our house. We were looking for a nice style at the net and found one site that has everything that we wanted. This site customizes blinds and if we wanted to have blinds with a kiddie theme, they can provide it for us. They have blinds fit for different seasons and you can also style it on your own. We only hope that those designs are available in our nearby stores for we will definitely purchase right away! How about you? Are you also interested? Why don't you visit the site and check for other items that you might need?

Mar 7, 2011

Sore Throat

I'm not really feeling well today. I have a sore throat and it's slowing me down. But I just can't sit and do nothing for I have chores to do and most importantly, I have kids to take care of particularly the baby. This started early yesterday morning. I woke up having chills and I could barely move. I woke up my husband and asked him for my jacket. I couldn't even talk for my throat hurts! I just signaled to him that I need something to soothe my throat and a medicine to take. I was afraid I might have fever, so, better to treat it early before it becomes worst. I had a terrible headache, too, but glad not to have a fever until this day. Although I also felt quite agitated today, I was able to manage and carry one with my chores. I just hope and pray that I'll be better as not to jeopardize my other members of the family...

Mar 5, 2011

Protect Your Things

Are you having plenty of items at home that you can hardly let go? And despite of keeping them, you know it just takes a lot of space in your area? You may have safety storage in your place but you know you can't take care of them properly. But there's a good option for you. Because self storage chelmsford might be what you're looking for. It's like you are checking in your items to hotel and they will be provided with a clean and private room where everything is even secured! You will be the only one allowed to access your items so I should say your things are safe and in good hands 24/7. You can store all your things in there for they have different sizes of room. If you only have few items, they can provide you with a smaller room. They also have discounted price if you are letting your items stay longer in there. And what's great is that each room is placed with an alarm and if you want, you can even buy your own boxes, padlocks or tapes for easy access. So, are you convinced now? Hurry, go to their site and learn for more!

Eerie Moment

It's kinda eerie when I'm left alone at home. No one's bothering or pestering me. No one's annoying me because it's so quiet. My daughter's at piano school right now and her dad drove her there. After that, I think they'll go somewhere with my in laws while I'm left her with the baby who's sleeping right now. But I'm sure it will be very noisy when they'll arrive later and everything will be back to normal :)

Mar 4, 2011

Take Your Breath Away

Every time we wake up in the morning, better for us to brush our teeth right away for we usually have a bad breath. That's what I told my daughter. However, she wanted to eat first and brush after. But actually, that's normal for we slept for a long period of hours without talking or opening our mouth. The worst scenario is that when you brush your teeth yet you still have a terrible breath. Halitosis is one common problem by many. But you don't have to fret about it for there is definitely a cure. Just browse for this certain site and you can see the bad breath report review where you will learn a lot. This is based on a personal experience and by reading this, you will find a way on how to fix your bad breath problem. Actually, halitosis can be a problem if you don't find a solution. Many people will definitely avoid talking to you and if you're working, you'll be having a few clients because sometimes, hygiene matters a lot. Personally, I can't stand talking to people with bad breath. That's why I always told my children to always brush their teeth after eating to have a healthy and good breath.

Wrist Support

I'm currently using a wrist support because part of my hand joints is painful to move. Actually, it's in my knuckles and I got a feeling my cartilage swell. I'm not sure if I'm currently experiencing arthritis. My OB Gyne told me that I need potassium and calcium in my body after I gave birth. Sometimes, I have a hard time walking, too, for it's to painful to take a step especially when I woke up early in the morning.

Going back to my wrist, I also thought that I currently suffered this because I have plenty of household chores to do. Ever since our maid ran away, I didn't hire any help at home yet, for fear that they might run again and take money from me. They're strangers and I don't know their background. Everytime I hired a new one means to say I'm taking a risk. It's hard to find someone who can be trusted these days. But perhaps I'll hire one someday, when I can take it no longer. I just hope this pain will go away so that I'll have a peace of mind...

Learn To Play The Guitar

My hubby is musically inclined and so is my daughter. They both love music and are not even deaf tone. My hubby knew how to play different musical instruments like guitar, piano and drums. He learned to play it by himself at an early age. I told him to teach our daughter guitar lessons because she's very eager to learn. At a young age, I want my daughter to be exposed to music especially that she showed a big interest on it. I also love music and learned to play piano and guitar. But I'm never good like my husband and brothers who knew how to play different instruments, too. Anyways, I remembered I learn how to play the guitar thru self study. Nobody actually taught me how to do it but I just kept looking at my dad and brothers how they placed their fingers to the strings. One time, I read the chord chart and practiced how to put my fingers properly. And when I tried to strum, it sounded just right! I guess all I need is practice and I guess I'll be as good as my husband and brothers.

Mar 2, 2011

Christina Aguilera Arrested

Pop Diva Christina Aguilera was arrested for intoxication together with her boyfriend. She was said to be extremely intoxicated or unable to take care of herself that she was booked for public intoxication. Sheriff said she will not be prosecuted and even described Aguilera as cooperative. Different case went to her boyfriend, who was charged but was able to bail himself out.

Way back Aguilera's Whattagirl Wants days, I am a fan of hers. She has a great and powerful voice. Then, she reinvented herself. She looked different. But in my own opinion, she didn't need that the mere fact that she has a talent. Later, she lied low a little, got married and had a child. But late last year, she and her husband divorced. Worst, her album got poor sales on the market and her movie was a flop. I guess this girl has been thru a lot that she badly needs help. I hope she will not follow the footstep of Britney Spears of Lindsay Lohan. I still love Xtina. I love her voice! But I hope she will surpass all these trials and behave... (image source: click the pic)

Feb 27, 2011

Need Help?

Sometimes, we need all the support we can get to let others know that we exist. Since we live in a computer-freak generation, where everything can be found or communicated online, better for us to do something or in order to catch up. If you have a site that needs viewers and can easily be found, perhaps you need the assistance of search engine marketing because they are very effective in helping you improve your site. There's one site I found online where they help in tracking everything and all you need for just a cheap price. You need not worry because you are assured by them to track your return on every dollar you spent. First, they will help you maximize your online presence, then attract your lead customers, they will also help you build and grow your relationship to others, control your online reputation and help you manage your social graph. Well, don't you think they've done enough to improve your system? Think now and go to their site for they are there to help you! Just inform them about you and they will do the rest.

Rainy Morning

It's so cold when I woke up this morning because it was raining. Even though I already use my sweater and wool blanket, I still feel cold. I only felt better when I carried my baby who was crying. I guess we both felt warm when I cuddled and hugged her until she finally slept. But I don't want to complain on the weather today. Besides, it's a Sunday! No class and work for my eldest child and hubby. I also remembered that we have a very hot weather last year that I can't stand the heat. So, there's no exact reason for me to whine and complain. It's just a rain and not a storm anyway...

Feb 22, 2011

Quality School

I've always believe to give the best education for my kids. My eldest daughter in still a first grader but as early as now, I've already think of her future. Even during her preschool days, I made sure I've chosen the best school for her because a good foundation in an early age is important to me. When I was about to enroll her in grade one last year, some of my relatives were against to have my daughter enrolled in a certain school for they preferred another. But I didn't listen for in the first place, it's not going to be them who will pay the tuition. And I want a quality school for my kid. I'm even saving up now for her college and hope we could find a good school for her. I've read on the net what easter revision can offer and I guess my child would fit in. Not to brag but she's a smart kid and whatever extensive or comprehensive exams they'll be giving, I'm sure my daughter can catch up. As long as I know she's enrolled in a good school, everything is worth it!

My Secret Abode

This is my secret blog. And I almost reveal my identity to others, hehe. Why I made such a secret blog? Sometimes, I want to rant over things but I can't do it in my main blog. In here, I was able to express my anger, my opinion and what I hate the most in life no holds barred! I can do anything here and I like it here! That's why I've no reason to delete or remove this blog because I have my freedom of speech here. And if somebody's against my opinion, I'm not that affected, hehe. But lucky for this blog because it is where I pour my heart out, it's where you can see my soul. But I've no intention yet of revealing to others who I really am. Oh, I think there are only 2 persons who knows that I own this blog but they don't come here often so I guess I can say I'm safe, haha. But just awhile ago, I almost unskinned myself when I was about to submit a comment, hehe. Good thing I made an error so when I checked, I hurriedly change my user account :) Well, I'm safe now. That's all that matters :D

Feb 20, 2011

Nice Scrub Suit

I used to work at the hospital and I was assigned at the Operating Room. Prior to entering the work premises, male nurses must wear mens scrub uniforms and ladies should wear proper scrub suit, too.

The hospital allowed us to wear any color but I usually prefer wearing my pink scrub suit because it's dainty to look. Besides, I felt that the patient was also affected with the colors that they see so better for me to wear something pleasant for them to look.

But I also wear other colors in other days and glad there are plenty of scrubs uniforms for sale found at the store so I was able to buy some for myself.

All About Kate Middleton

This is a re-post on what Sarah Bernard, Host of the Thread, wrote, 5 Things you don't know about Kate Middleton:

1. At 29, Kate’s going to be the oldest royal bride.

2. She’s allergic to horses—interesting because she’s marrying into the one of the biggest equestrian families.

3. The sheer dress she modeled in a fashion show while at Oxford University will be worth $160,000 after she marries the prince.

4. William and Kate are 12th cousins once removed. It’s distant, yet true.

5. Forget polo— she’s a tennis girl.

Despite all what was written about her, who cares? She's still got to marry the prince and is even likely to become a queen ~ that is, if they don't separate like what happen to the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Feb 19, 2011

Garden Patio Heater

I went to my uncle's place a few years ago in Illinois. I stayed there for about four months, from summer to fall season. It was indeed cold during autumn but I like the view from outside. It's so beautiful even though the leaves kept on falling but everything looked pretty. My uncle bought Garden Patio Heaters to make his family and me comfortable. We love to stay at their patio, where we shared stories and at the same time, where my uncle and aunt seldom received their guests, too. I bet I would feel extremely cold if not for their heater because I'm not so used to their weather. I was really too glad for their hospitality and for the warm welcome they gave me during my stay in their place. Now, I am so looking forward to take a vacation in their place again. If you are looking for a nice heater, you can check one site online where they offer different types of heater. They have everything you need so I guess it's best that you visit their site and look for the right product that you need.

I'll Be Back

As I've said, I'm so busy right now but my daughter is disturbing me. She's been telling me to stop using the laptop because it's already her turn. I told her to be patient, to let her mom do the work first because I need to earn. But she don't understand and kept on pestering to move out from the chair. Since I still have 6 more tasks left, I decided to continue later. I'll just finish the other one before I'll take a rest. I will let my daughter play first for it's Saturday anyway. So, see you later.

Let's Get Wine!

My hubby received lots of wines last Christmas from his clients. He's not actually an alcoholic drinker but he was thankful for what he received. We both decided to share it with our family and friends but of course, we tried a little, too. Some of the wines given were imported and it's nice to try once in awhile a little wine as long as we drink it in moderation. A friend of mine, who resides in London, told me about their wine delivery uk and they have seasonal selection. She is in fact enjoying her orders especially now that it's on sale. She said she uses some for her visitors and the rest were kept in case she will host a party in her place. At least she's ready for some wine than ordering it on that very day. My friend told me about the brand that she likes and I saw it online. I am curious with the taste, too, and I hope I can try some of these someday. How about you? Do you have any favorite wine? Why don't you share it with us so that we would know if it's highly recommended or not?

When It Rains It Pours

Whoa! I got so many things to do today and I'm even super sleepy! But I don't want to sleep with my tasks left undone especially if it's a blessing =). So, I'd better sacrifice my sleep just for today and I don't care if I'll sleep very late tonight. I've lots of catching up to do and I need money, too! With whatever that comes, I am just too thankful for everything. After all, when it rains it pours so better welcome it with an open arms :)