Mar 23, 2011

Dancing with The Karate Kid

And just where is Ralph Machhio? A friend of mine informed me he guested on Dancing with the Stars and he got nice scores and still looked good.

I remembered I got a huge crush on Ralph Macchio during his Karate Kid Days. I was very young at that time but I got so attracted to him thru that movie :) I've always looked forward for a sequel and he was my dream date, haha :)) Later did I realize that he was in his 20's when he did that movie. He really looked so young then because of his skinny figure. He was popular that time but after his Crossroads movie, I never heard of him...or perhaps I forgotten about him as I blossomed into a full-pledged teenager, hehehe. I really thought he was just ahead of me for about 2-4 years only to find out later that he was about 12 years my senior or so. Anyway, reminiscing those time made me smile. It made me wonder more after my friend told me about him and what he's been doing lately. I might check it on youtube to see if the original Karate Kid knows how to dance ;-) But from what my friend told me, I guess he's a good dancer...