Mar 31, 2011

Talented Girl

My daughter was asking me to paint her face awhile ago and I have no idea what to do. Her aunt gifted her with a body paint material the other day and now she wanted me to make her look like a cat or a clown, haha. As I'm not a good artist, I just told her that I'd just make a butterfly on her cheek and she agreed. After I was done, she looked at the mirror and smiled but she took the paint from me and decided to paint by herself. Honestly, her painting was nicer and she was even creative. She made herself look like a peacock, hehe. My daughter is a born artist actually. Painting, sketching, coloring are her favorite pastime and she did great in those aspects. I believe that if I develop her talent, she will be great in her craft. I know I sound like I'm bragging but if you only see her work, you will know what I mean. She did lots of amazing sketches and I am so proud of her God-given skills.