Mar 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen Got Fired

Well, sometimes, we get what we deserved. Just like actor Charlie Sheen who was fired from his own show, Two and a Half Man. The big bosses thought Charlie Sheen's attitude to be unbecoming and his dangerously self-destructive conduct made them decide to fire out the actor. The star has another legal battle to face, too. With his ongoing divorce of wife, Brooke Mueller, and the custody of his children, he is indeed in jeopardy and hope he could fix his life and come clean again.

It was said that Sheen was fired out thru text message thus made the actor furious. Sometimes, we must know that life is not always a bed of roses. People will get tired if you don't listen to them over and over again. Although everybody deserved a second chance, just make sure you behave and do well next time... (image source: click the pic).