Mar 2, 2011

Christina Aguilera Arrested

Pop Diva Christina Aguilera was arrested for intoxication together with her boyfriend. She was said to be extremely intoxicated or unable to take care of herself that she was booked for public intoxication. Sheriff said she will not be prosecuted and even described Aguilera as cooperative. Different case went to her boyfriend, who was charged but was able to bail himself out.

Way back Aguilera's Whattagirl Wants days, I am a fan of hers. She has a great and powerful voice. Then, she reinvented herself. She looked different. But in my own opinion, she didn't need that the mere fact that she has a talent. Later, she lied low a little, got married and had a child. But late last year, she and her husband divorced. Worst, her album got poor sales on the market and her movie was a flop. I guess this girl has been thru a lot that she badly needs help. I hope she will not follow the footstep of Britney Spears of Lindsay Lohan. I still love Xtina. I love her voice! But I hope she will surpass all these trials and behave... (image source: click the pic)