Mar 4, 2011

Wrist Support

I'm currently using a wrist support because part of my hand joints is painful to move. Actually, it's in my knuckles and I got a feeling my cartilage swell. I'm not sure if I'm currently experiencing arthritis. My OB Gyne told me that I need potassium and calcium in my body after I gave birth. Sometimes, I have a hard time walking, too, for it's to painful to take a step especially when I woke up early in the morning.

Going back to my wrist, I also thought that I currently suffered this because I have plenty of household chores to do. Ever since our maid ran away, I didn't hire any help at home yet, for fear that they might run again and take money from me. They're strangers and I don't know their background. Everytime I hired a new one means to say I'm taking a risk. It's hard to find someone who can be trusted these days. But perhaps I'll hire one someday, when I can take it no longer. I just hope this pain will go away so that I'll have a peace of mind...