Feb 27, 2011

Need Help?

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Rainy Morning

It's so cold when I woke up this morning because it was raining. Even though I already use my sweater and wool blanket, I still feel cold. I only felt better when I carried my baby who was crying. I guess we both felt warm when I cuddled and hugged her until she finally slept. But I don't want to complain on the weather today. Besides, it's a Sunday! No class and work for my eldest child and hubby. I also remembered that we have a very hot weather last year that I can't stand the heat. So, there's no exact reason for me to whine and complain. It's just a rain and not a storm anyway...

Feb 22, 2011

Quality School

I've always believe to give the best education for my kids. My eldest daughter in still a first grader but as early as now, I've already think of her future. Even during her preschool days, I made sure I've chosen the best school for her because a good foundation in an early age is important to me. When I was about to enroll her in grade one last year, some of my relatives were against to have my daughter enrolled in a certain school for they preferred another. But I didn't listen for in the first place, it's not going to be them who will pay the tuition. And I want a quality school for my kid. I'm even saving up now for her college and hope we could find a good school for her. I've read on the net what easter revision can offer and I guess my child would fit in. Not to brag but she's a smart kid and whatever extensive or comprehensive exams they'll be giving, I'm sure my daughter can catch up. As long as I know she's enrolled in a good school, everything is worth it!

My Secret Abode

This is my secret blog. And I almost reveal my identity to others, hehe. Why I made such a secret blog? Sometimes, I want to rant over things but I can't do it in my main blog. In here, I was able to express my anger, my opinion and what I hate the most in life no holds barred! I can do anything here and I like it here! That's why I've no reason to delete or remove this blog because I have my freedom of speech here. And if somebody's against my opinion, I'm not that affected, hehe. But lucky for this blog because it is where I pour my heart out, it's where you can see my soul. But I've no intention yet of revealing to others who I really am. Oh, I think there are only 2 persons who knows that I own this blog but they don't come here often so I guess I can say I'm safe, haha. But just awhile ago, I almost unskinned myself when I was about to submit a comment, hehe. Good thing I made an error so when I checked, I hurriedly change my user account :) Well, I'm safe now. That's all that matters :D

Feb 20, 2011

Nice Scrub Suit

I used to work at the hospital and I was assigned at the Operating Room. Prior to entering the work premises, male nurses must wear mens scrub uniforms and ladies should wear proper scrub suit, too.

The hospital allowed us to wear any color but I usually prefer wearing my pink scrub suit because it's dainty to look. Besides, I felt that the patient was also affected with the colors that they see so better for me to wear something pleasant for them to look.

But I also wear other colors in other days and glad there are plenty of scrubs uniforms for sale found at the store so I was able to buy some for myself.

All About Kate Middleton

This is a re-post on what Sarah Bernard, Host of the Thread, wrote, 5 Things you don't know about Kate Middleton:

1. At 29, Kate’s going to be the oldest royal bride.

2. She’s allergic to horses—interesting because she’s marrying into the one of the biggest equestrian families.

3. The sheer dress she modeled in a fashion show while at Oxford University will be worth $160,000 after she marries the prince.

4. William and Kate are 12th cousins once removed. It’s distant, yet true.

5. Forget polo— she’s a tennis girl.

Despite all what was written about her, who cares? She's still got to marry the prince and is even likely to become a queen ~ that is, if they don't separate like what happen to the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Feb 19, 2011

Garden Patio Heater

I went to my uncle's place a few years ago in Illinois. I stayed there for about four months, from summer to fall season. It was indeed cold during autumn but I like the view from outside. It's so beautiful even though the leaves kept on falling but everything looked pretty. My uncle bought Garden Patio Heaters to make his family and me comfortable. We love to stay at their patio, where we shared stories and at the same time, where my uncle and aunt seldom received their guests, too. I bet I would feel extremely cold if not for their heater because I'm not so used to their weather. I was really too glad for their hospitality and for the warm welcome they gave me during my stay in their place. Now, I am so looking forward to take a vacation in their place again. If you are looking for a nice heater, you can check one site online where they offer different types of heater. They have everything you need so I guess it's best that you visit their site and look for the right product that you need.

I'll Be Back

As I've said, I'm so busy right now but my daughter is disturbing me. She's been telling me to stop using the laptop because it's already her turn. I told her to be patient, to let her mom do the work first because I need to earn. But she don't understand and kept on pestering to move out from the chair. Since I still have 6 more tasks left, I decided to continue later. I'll just finish the other one before I'll take a rest. I will let my daughter play first for it's Saturday anyway. So, see you later.

Let's Get Wine!

My hubby received lots of wines last Christmas from his clients. He's not actually an alcoholic drinker but he was thankful for what he received. We both decided to share it with our family and friends but of course, we tried a little, too. Some of the wines given were imported and it's nice to try once in awhile a little wine as long as we drink it in moderation. A friend of mine, who resides in London, told me about their wine delivery uk and they have seasonal selection. She is in fact enjoying her orders especially now that it's on sale. She said she uses some for her visitors and the rest were kept in case she will host a party in her place. At least she's ready for some wine than ordering it on that very day. My friend told me about the brand that she likes and I saw it online. I am curious with the taste, too, and I hope I can try some of these someday. How about you? Do you have any favorite wine? Why don't you share it with us so that we would know if it's highly recommended or not?

When It Rains It Pours

Whoa! I got so many things to do today and I'm even super sleepy! But I don't want to sleep with my tasks left undone especially if it's a blessing =). So, I'd better sacrifice my sleep just for today and I don't care if I'll sleep very late tonight. I've lots of catching up to do and I need money, too! With whatever that comes, I am just too thankful for everything. After all, when it rains it pours so better welcome it with an open arms :)

Private Property

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Feb 18, 2011

Join Neobux Now!

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Don't Post!

Funny, my cousin posted pictures of hers from the past in facebook and she tagged members of our family and it was during my late grandfather's wake. Glad I wasn't included, only my other cousins, or else I freak out. There was even a coffin and everybody in the picture were mourning. I was there on that day but glad to say that I was not seen in the picture. Perhaps I was way too short then because that picture was ages ago. But well, I guess my cousin was just being thoughtful, hehe. I just hope she posted pictures during happy occasions for that would be fine =)

Unique Blinds

Our house will be renovated in a few months time. And as early as now, I've been thinking of what to do, what to remove and what to put in our newly renovated house. Definitely, our windows will be changed from wooden to glass. But of course I still want to retain some wooden materials in our house because it can give cool and fresh feeling. Made to measure woodweave blinds is what I hope to use for our glass window instead of curtains. I've seen this online and I got very attracted to it. This is the best way to use if I want to filter the light. What I also like is that it is made from natural renewable materials and the finish product provides a truly authentic feel at the window. They are using an organic material that shows blinds with a unique appearance. There are six options to choose from and they even have a material made of bamboo or jute. I'm pretty sure this would look nice as it gives our house an oriental look which I really love! You can check from their site and look for the right blinds that suit your place.

Feb 17, 2011

Maximize Your Online Presence!

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Try It!

I am currently convincing my hubby to try blogging, hehe. He kept on asking me about how much I earned, how did my blogging go and so on and so forth. Because of his curiosity, I told him why don't he try it? He even writes well and he has plenty of ideas. But until now he still did not start yet. His problem? Finding the right title of his blog and his url. Every time I presented him with a name, he didn't like it. But he couldn't think of a better name, too. I still hope one of these days he will start doing it. Who knows, he might enjoy it? ;-)

Domain Registration

I've been blogging for quite some time and it's only recently that I came to appreciate my blogs with domains. After several convincing from my relative, I've finally purchased a domain for my blog and it was worth it. And now, I am trying to influence my hubby to buy a domain for himself. He said he wanted to start blogging because he appreciated what I was doing. And now he is also thinking of owning a domain for his own blog but he cannot think of a good domain name. One month had passed already and until now he couldn't think of any. He now leaves it to me to make a domain name for him but every time I presented it to him, he doesn't agree with it. Sigh. I wish I could find a right one for him that he will like. Having a domain is good by the way. So if you are also interested, better look for a name that you like and register it right away, or else somebody might get that name ahead from you. Know that this is a first come first serve basis so better grab it now while you can!

Magic Wish

Sometimes, I wish I have a magic with me so that it's easier for me to clean our house and clear all the mess. But I know that only happens in movies so I guess all I have to do is to buy myself a vacuum cleaner or a floor polisher. Then I'll buy paper cups and plates and utensils so that I will not have to wash the dishes anymore. All I have to do is to throw them at the trash and all is done. So, what do you think? Anymore suggestion on how the leaves outside our house be cleaned right away without me sweeping them? Hmmm, I'll bear this mind and see if I will really do this :)

Feb 16, 2011

Great Packages!

One of my greatest dreams is to travel to Europe but I don't think I could ever go there. First and foremost, I need to save up some money to be able to go there and I need to look for a place to stay. There are so many places that I've longed to see but I know I've to set this aside because I've a family to take care of. I don't want to go there by myself, too. I am curious what I could see at Monaco, the royal families perhaps? Anyway, another attraction of theirs is the Monaco grand prix packages. I bet it would be awesome to see this up close and personal. They even offered hospitality prizes to admit everyone who wants to see. I wonder if I could be rubbing elbows with one of the royals or the rich and the famous in there. But setting that aside, I've heard there's so much fun to see in there and all I have to do is look for a package that suits me best. How about you? Any plans to go there? You might want to try one of their packages and enjoy your stay!

I'm Glad!

I'm so glad because despite my situation here at home, I have my family with me who are healthy, trustworthy and loving. I am happy that my eldest child always excels in her class even though I don't let her study everyday. I am happy that my baby is doing well and healthy and is a happy baby. I am glad that my husband has work and he can provide us of our needs and he can put food on our table 3 x a day. Despite the difficulties and challenges at home, I still feel lucky compared to others who has everything but are experiencing a very difficult situation. I hope and I pray that my family stays intact, safe and protected always from harm and dangers. I pray that each one of us will be guided to the right path and won't lead astray...

Sturdy Furniture

I've said before that I plan to buy new furniture in our living room and now it's time to take care of our other bedroom. This other room is intended for my kids but since they are both still young, we let them sleep in our bedroom. But if they'll grow up a little bigger, for sure they will be sleeping in the other room. But as early as now, I am already taking care of their room by putting decorations. I hope to buy a rustic bedroom furniture because it blends in with my children's bed and cabinets. I've searched this kind of furniture before and it is indeed sturdy and I know the materials used will last for a lifetime. If you are also looking for this kind of product, you can check certain site online and see for yourself the furniture that you find useful in your place. They have a lot to offer and you have plenty to choose from their products. I know purchasing a set from them will make my daughter's room looks pretty and dainty. I hope I can buy this the soonest possible so that I will not have a hard time anymore in improving their room.

Better This Way...

I am so tired but I will not go to sleep right away. I just finished ironing our clothes and my back is starting to ache. I've done a lot of chores this morning, too, and every so often I stopped because I still have a baby to take care of. I used to have a nanny with my eldest child but with my second, I didn't hire any. I don't have house keepers right now to keep my things in place because I already developed a phobia of these strangers who just arrived in our house and suddenly left after taking money from us. Better this way. I know it's quite tiresome but having someone in your house that you can't trust is much way too scary...

Feb 11, 2011

Easy Contact

Sometimes, if we are so busy, we tend to forget to do other important things. People who are working fall on this trap many times that it's best for them to be reminded or do other alternative as not to jeopardize the work. My husband mentioned to me that he thought email list management might be a big help not only for him but his co-workers as well. He's hoping that their company would implement this so that they could keep track all their work and submit it on time. Since their work involves communicating with their client not only personally but thru email also, they are hoping to contact clients without hassle and stress free. Hubby found one site online that sends or manage emails with ease. This site helps in creative design, contact list management, scheduling, performance tracking and many more. If this sounds interesting to you, you can go to their site and see what package you like. They even offer free services for 6o days for you to try. They don't require you with credit card and all you have to do is sign up with them. Once you've signed up and decided which package you want, you can send as many emails you like. So, what are you waiting for?!

Egyptian President Mumbarak Not Yet Stepping Down

Egypt is still in chaos right now and protesters continued their request for Hosni Mumbarak to step down. The Egyptian President ruled the country for 30 years and the people could no longer stand. Their cry for resignation, however, was not yet granted.

And instead, this is what their President announced on February 10, 2011.

"According to the constitution, I will shoulder my responsibilities until the country witnesses the stable and peaceful transfer of power in September," Mubarak said.

"I'll transfer power to the vice president according to the constitution," he said, adding that "mistakes are possible in any regime, however, it is vital to admit and hold those who make mistakes accountable."

This speech angered protesters and chanted that 'he must leave' at Egypt's Tahrir Square. I've yet to see what happens next but I hope that there will be peace in their country.

Feb 10, 2011

Flooring Services

We live in a bi-level house. In the second level, it's where you find our 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The floor is made of wood so, most of the time, we'll just have it scrubbed or sweeping the floor for cleaning will do. I must say that the wooden floor used was sturdy and of great quality. Maintaining it this way means this flooring will survive for another 10 years or so. In our first level, it's made of tiles, but not of good quality. In fact, it's fading and it's not pleasing to the eyes. Right now, we are currently saving money because my husband and I plan to change the flooring in this area. Wood floor installers might be the best people to help us meet our expectation and recommend what best material to use. I hope to find the right people to do it, just like what I've seen in the internet for they offer services at the right price. They also guarantee customer's satisfaction. This site offers carpeting, tile, laminate, granite, ceramic, vinyl or hardwood flooring installation and their company is already trusted by many consumers. If you're also interested, you can check their site and see the services they offer.

Are You Ready For The New Superman?

Guys, meet Henry Cavill - the new Superman!
I've watched the last Superman movie starred by Brandon Routh and I don't know the reason yet why he's being replaced. Perhaps it has something to do with age as Routh is now 32 and Cavill is said to be on his 27th...
I've read and heard a lot of different reactions and comments from other people. They were questioning why Cavill was picked and why not Routh continue being a Man of Steel as he is almost a mirror image of the late Christopher Reeve. Others were even saying that Smallville's Tom Welling deserves to don the red cape and blue suit.

Anyway, before we judge Cavill, let's give him a chance. I've googled his profile and browsed the wikipedia to know more about him. He's good looking after all, if he only removed his mustache. Sure he's wavy but that doesn't count, okay? The people in charge of searching a new Superman must have seen something in him that we don't. The casting director knew it better than us. So, better for us to just support him or watch his upcoming movie, The Man of Steel, on December 2012. Let's just give our opinion or judgment on his acting or his being a Superman after we've watch his movie ;-)

Affordable Logo Design

Are you currently putting up a business? Were you able to tell everyone and let them know what you can offer? Of course, putting up a business means you also have to advertise and spread to others what your business is all about. You need to put up a sign or billboard so that other people or passersby can see it. You can also use the media or internet because this is already the trend these days and many people catch advertisements by browsing the net. But make sure that you make a unique logo for your company because this also attracts the consumer's attention. A catchy and well designed logo helps in marketing your business. You don't even fret about it as there are a lot of people who are offering affordable logo design. I found one website on the internet and they almost have everything you are looking for. They offer different packages for you to choose starting from a very low price. You can check their site to know more about their packages or if you want, you can check them at facebook or twitter and learn for more about their product.

Feb 8, 2011

It Takes 2 To Tango...

I've shared in the past few weeks about a friend of mine lambasting her husband's infidelity on facebook. Now, all's well that end's well... Her husband went back to her and now she's happy. You see, things like this can be resolved privately. Because for one, she might be mistaken; second, she should think of their kids; third, it takes two to tango. If only my friend kept quiet, I had all my sympathies with her. I'm not saying I sympathize with her husband for I don't know him and he might be an idiot after all. It's just that I don't agree with my friend sharing their dirty linen for public consumption. It's quite scandalous because she's also ruining her family's reputation. Now that they are back in each others arms, who looks funnier now? But since I don't own her mind, better to mind my own business, too. I'm just sharing in here my own opinion with regards to this matter... (image source: click the pic)

Feb 7, 2011

Good Investment

Did you ever thought about stock investments? Or ever wonder how you invest your money in stock trading and turn everything profitable? And are you looking for a trusted company or firm wherein your money is put into good hands? Well, Wicked Profits might be of help to you as they issue trade recommendations and place trades with the brokerage of your choice. This company is an advisory service that somehow focuses or helps on making consistent returns under all market conditions using stock index options. And you don't need to get worry about this establishment as they have been operating for a long period than any competitor in this business. In terms of services, I've heard that they were able to meet the customer satisfaction. They are very professional and very accommodating especially to the newcomers. They will help you by recommending the trading option that you're comfortable with and you can even suggest to them the brokerage firm you that prefer. If you want to know more about Wicked Profits, try visiting their site and check out on the options that they are currently offering.

Feb 3, 2011

Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Okay, I'm not Chinese and I don't celebrate their new year. But I just wanna greet them a happy new year because this day is important to them in welcoming the new beginning. So today marks the year of the rabbit. In Chinese horoscope, it describes the rabbit as: Gracious, good friend, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, amiable, elegant, reserved, cautious, artistic, thorough, tender, self-assured, shy, astute, compassionate, lucky, flexible. Can be moody, detached, superficial, self-indulgent, opportunistic, stubborn.

But if you ask me, all of us has these kinds of attributes. But perhaps these are just dominant to people born in this year. As for me, I was told to be born in the year of the rabbit but if I look at the Chinese calendar, I belong to the year of the tiger for I was born middle of January. The tigers are said to be: Unpredictable, rebellious, colorful, powerful, passionate, daring, impulsive, vigorous, stimulating, sincere, affectionate, humanitarian, generous. Can be restless, reckless, impatient, quick-tempered, obstinate, selfish, aggressive, moody.

But between the 2 animals, I am more of a rabbit because I believe I'm not rebellious, impulsive or daring. What about you? Try to check it at Wikipedia and see where you belong ;-)