Feb 17, 2011

Domain Registration

I've been blogging for quite some time and it's only recently that I came to appreciate my blogs with domains. After several convincing from my relative, I've finally purchased a domain for my blog and it was worth it. And now, I am trying to influence my hubby to buy a domain for himself. He said he wanted to start blogging because he appreciated what I was doing. And now he is also thinking of owning a domain for his own blog but he cannot think of a good domain name. One month had passed already and until now he couldn't think of any. He now leaves it to me to make a domain name for him but every time I presented it to him, he doesn't agree with it. Sigh. I wish I could find a right one for him that he will like. Having a domain is good by the way. So if you are also interested, better look for a name that you like and register it right away, or else somebody might get that name ahead from you. Know that this is a first come first serve basis so better grab it now while you can!