Feb 19, 2011

Let's Get Wine!

My hubby received lots of wines last Christmas from his clients. He's not actually an alcoholic drinker but he was thankful for what he received. We both decided to share it with our family and friends but of course, we tried a little, too. Some of the wines given were imported and it's nice to try once in awhile a little wine as long as we drink it in moderation. A friend of mine, who resides in London, told me about their wine delivery uk and they have seasonal selection. She is in fact enjoying her orders especially now that it's on sale. She said she uses some for her visitors and the rest were kept in case she will host a party in her place. At least she's ready for some wine than ordering it on that very day. My friend told me about the brand that she likes and I saw it online. I am curious with the taste, too, and I hope I can try some of these someday. How about you? Do you have any favorite wine? Why don't you share it with us so that we would know if it's highly recommended or not?