Feb 11, 2011

Egyptian President Mumbarak Not Yet Stepping Down

Egypt is still in chaos right now and protesters continued their request for Hosni Mumbarak to step down. The Egyptian President ruled the country for 30 years and the people could no longer stand. Their cry for resignation, however, was not yet granted.

And instead, this is what their President announced on February 10, 2011.

"According to the constitution, I will shoulder my responsibilities until the country witnesses the stable and peaceful transfer of power in September," Mubarak said.

"I'll transfer power to the vice president according to the constitution," he said, adding that "mistakes are possible in any regime, however, it is vital to admit and hold those who make mistakes accountable."

This speech angered protesters and chanted that 'he must leave' at Egypt's Tahrir Square. I've yet to see what happens next but I hope that there will be peace in their country.