Feb 10, 2011

Are You Ready For The New Superman?

Guys, meet Henry Cavill - the new Superman!
I've watched the last Superman movie starred by Brandon Routh and I don't know the reason yet why he's being replaced. Perhaps it has something to do with age as Routh is now 32 and Cavill is said to be on his 27th...
I've read and heard a lot of different reactions and comments from other people. They were questioning why Cavill was picked and why not Routh continue being a Man of Steel as he is almost a mirror image of the late Christopher Reeve. Others were even saying that Smallville's Tom Welling deserves to don the red cape and blue suit.

Anyway, before we judge Cavill, let's give him a chance. I've googled his profile and browsed the wikipedia to know more about him. He's good looking after all, if he only removed his mustache. Sure he's wavy but that doesn't count, okay? The people in charge of searching a new Superman must have seen something in him that we don't. The casting director knew it better than us. So, better for us to just support him or watch his upcoming movie, The Man of Steel, on December 2012. Let's just give our opinion or judgment on his acting or his being a Superman after we've watch his movie ;-)



Hmm.. I still think that Brandon's a much better Superman when it comes to body and looks. And yeah, Tom Welling's a good choice, too.. But well, I agree with you... We'd give this new guy, Cavill a chance. Maybe he'd bring justice to the role... :)