Feb 18, 2011

Unique Blinds

Our house will be renovated in a few months time. And as early as now, I've been thinking of what to do, what to remove and what to put in our newly renovated house. Definitely, our windows will be changed from wooden to glass. But of course I still want to retain some wooden materials in our house because it can give cool and fresh feeling. Made to measure woodweave blinds is what I hope to use for our glass window instead of curtains. I've seen this online and I got very attracted to it. This is the best way to use if I want to filter the light. What I also like is that it is made from natural renewable materials and the finish product provides a truly authentic feel at the window. They are using an organic material that shows blinds with a unique appearance. There are six options to choose from and they even have a material made of bamboo or jute. I'm pretty sure this would look nice as it gives our house an oriental look which I really love! You can check from their site and look for the right blinds that suit your place.



So all in all we believe that blinds offer a more flexible, cost effective and easily maintained window covering that is available in loads of different options. houston blinds provides a huge range of these options so why not browse the site or contact us and we will find you the ideal solution for your room.