May 21, 2011

Judgment Day?

Seriously, are you going to believe this?

Then good luck to all of us!

But remember, God is the only One who knows when the time has come. A lot of people claimed this already, others said to follow the Mayan calendar because the correct judgment day will be on December 2012. But if you're ready and prepared, then think that anytime of the day is your judgment day.

May 18, 2011

Pissed Off Again!

I'm quite pissed off with our latest helper. She left home last Sunday but promised to be back early Monday morning but until now she's not yet here. Her things are still here so it's possible she will still return. Actually, I don't care if she leaves but since she's still working for us, she should have at least informed us properly. But another thing that pissed me off was that she has done a lot of damage to our place. A lot of our things were broken and destroyed and she also smokes to think I'm so against it coz I have kids at home. I told her to stop and she promised to quit but still I found a lot of cigarette butt at the rest room at the back of our house. While she's not around, I've fixed a lot of things she destroyed and this made me more angry at her. Wait until she comes back, that's what I kept saying this time. I'm actually imagining to kick her ass but I know I can't do that so everything just leaves to my mind.. I'm not really a bad person but I don't like people who abuse things and doesn't leave a little respect to me for that would make me definitely mad...

May 8, 2011

Pacquiao Did It Again!

Congratulations to the People's Champ Manny Pacquiao for winning against Shane Mosley! Pacman did it again but his coach Freddie Roach's prediction didn't come true that he would knock Mosley on the 9th round. Viewers were almost overjoyed when Manny tried to knocked Mosley down on the 3rd round but the latter was able to regain himself on the count of 8. It may not be Manny's best fight, his reason was his leg cramps, still, he won and got the title. (image source: click the picture)

May 5, 2011

About SMC Corp

Have you heard about smc corp? It was founded by Abe Levine and short for Special Merchandise Corporation where it focused on helping home-based business owners to expand their products and increase their profits as well. However, there was a rumor about smc scam going on but this allegation was actually denied.

As what I've read in their site, one biggest smc corp bbb problem is the difficulty in getting back the refund. But the company assured members of its money back guarantee provided that they also eligible for refunds. For more detailed information on this matter, I suggest you visit their site to check.

National Day of Prayer

I may not be in America but I support them on their National Day of Prayer. I hope all countries would do this. To give a day of prayer in honor of our country.

We may all differ in religion, in races, in cultures, but we should give thanks for everything especially if we are free from war and below poverty line. But at the same time, let us pray for the other warring countries that there peace and unity will be given unto them, and that they have a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor and hardships.

Together, one hand, one heart, one nation, let's all pray together and give thanks. (click picture for image source)

Apartment Rentals In Moscow

I used to work in a steel company before where it manufactures thin strips of coils. I was one of the staff in Production Department and most of my co-workers were Engineers. A lot of them have been sent out to other countries if there were important transactions made by the buyers. I remembered I helped my office mate find Apartment rentals in Moscow for he was assigned to go to Russia. He was sent alone and he was quite worried about his trip for he didn't know what to do and who would guide him there. We browsed the internet and found a Luxury apartment for short term rentals that would have been good for him for I was pretty sure he would get a good accommodation and a lot of free services. But since his trip was not for pleasure but business, he decided to make everything simple as long as there was a place for him to stay, a comfortable bed to rest, food to eat and the place was near his working area.

Finally, he settled for Lodging in Moscow for daily rentals so he would know his day to day expenses and he can always transfer and try to another apartment should he want to try a new one.