Feb 20, 2011

All About Kate Middleton

This is a re-post on what Sarah Bernard, Host of the Thread, wrote, 5 Things you don't know about Kate Middleton:

1. At 29, Kate’s going to be the oldest royal bride.

2. She’s allergic to horses—interesting because she’s marrying into the one of the biggest equestrian families.

3. The sheer dress she modeled in a fashion show while at Oxford University will be worth $160,000 after she marries the prince.

4. William and Kate are 12th cousins once removed. It’s distant, yet true.

5. Forget polo— she’s a tennis girl.

Despite all what was written about her, who cares? She's still got to marry the prince and is even likely to become a queen ~ that is, if they don't separate like what happen to the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles.