Feb 22, 2011

Quality School

I've always believe to give the best education for my kids. My eldest daughter in still a first grader but as early as now, I've already think of her future. Even during her preschool days, I made sure I've chosen the best school for her because a good foundation in an early age is important to me. When I was about to enroll her in grade one last year, some of my relatives were against to have my daughter enrolled in a certain school for they preferred another. But I didn't listen for in the first place, it's not going to be them who will pay the tuition. And I want a quality school for my kid. I'm even saving up now for her college and hope we could find a good school for her. I've read on the net what easter revision can offer and I guess my child would fit in. Not to brag but she's a smart kid and whatever extensive or comprehensive exams they'll be giving, I'm sure my daughter can catch up. As long as I know she's enrolled in a good school, everything is worth it!