Feb 8, 2011

It Takes 2 To Tango...

I've shared in the past few weeks about a friend of mine lambasting her husband's infidelity on facebook. Now, all's well that end's well... Her husband went back to her and now she's happy. You see, things like this can be resolved privately. Because for one, she might be mistaken; second, she should think of their kids; third, it takes two to tango. If only my friend kept quiet, I had all my sympathies with her. I'm not saying I sympathize with her husband for I don't know him and he might be an idiot after all. It's just that I don't agree with my friend sharing their dirty linen for public consumption. It's quite scandalous because she's also ruining her family's reputation. Now that they are back in each others arms, who looks funnier now? But since I don't own her mind, better to mind my own business, too. I'm just sharing in here my own opinion with regards to this matter... (image source: click the pic)