Feb 22, 2011

My Secret Abode

This is my secret blog. And I almost reveal my identity to others, hehe. Why I made such a secret blog? Sometimes, I want to rant over things but I can't do it in my main blog. In here, I was able to express my anger, my opinion and what I hate the most in life no holds barred! I can do anything here and I like it here! That's why I've no reason to delete or remove this blog because I have my freedom of speech here. And if somebody's against my opinion, I'm not that affected, hehe. But lucky for this blog because it is where I pour my heart out, it's where you can see my soul. But I've no intention yet of revealing to others who I really am. Oh, I think there are only 2 persons who knows that I own this blog but they don't come here often so I guess I can say I'm safe, haha. But just awhile ago, I almost unskinned myself when I was about to submit a comment, hehe. Good thing I made an error so when I checked, I hurriedly change my user account :) Well, I'm safe now. That's all that matters :D