Mar 4, 2011

Learn To Play The Guitar

My hubby is musically inclined and so is my daughter. They both love music and are not even deaf tone. My hubby knew how to play different musical instruments like guitar, piano and drums. He learned to play it by himself at an early age. I told him to teach our daughter guitar lessons because she's very eager to learn. At a young age, I want my daughter to be exposed to music especially that she showed a big interest on it. I also love music and learned to play piano and guitar. But I'm never good like my husband and brothers who knew how to play different instruments, too. Anyways, I remembered I learn how to play the guitar thru self study. Nobody actually taught me how to do it but I just kept looking at my dad and brothers how they placed their fingers to the strings. One time, I read the chord chart and practiced how to put my fingers properly. And when I tried to strum, it sounded just right! I guess all I need is practice and I guess I'll be as good as my husband and brothers.