Mar 30, 2011

New Wonder Woman

Repost from In My Mind:

Adrianne Palicki is the new Wonder Woman! Yeah, you heard me right. I don’t know anything about her but I knew the Amazonian character that she will portray. Lucky for her to be given such a role. And I’m sure she will be compared with Lynda Carter.

I was a big fan of Lynda Carter and I’ve read somewhere that it was hard to find another Wonderwoman. And I agree to that statement. I was very young when the series was shown on TV and how I waited for Diana Prince to turn into Wonder Woman and donned her costume and catch the bad guys with her magic lasso.

Looking at the picture of the new Amazona, I’ve noticed that the costume was quite different…hmmm… a little conservative maybe? I don’t remember Wonder Woman wearing a very tight pants but perhaps there are more pictures coming. What was only published was the first photo of the one playing the lead role.

I know it’s early to judge now for I’ve to watch the show first before saying anything. Who knows, she might capture the viewers attention and everyone might have a different opinion on her.

I’ll just wait for the series to be shown. I’ve waited for years to see WW on screen again and hope it’s worth the wait…