Apr 14, 2011

Courtney Cox Had Enough

Couple divorced, couple splitting, 'famous star having an affair' are the famous taglines of some of Hollywood's stars yet this comes in normal for them. However, actors like Courtney Cox and her husband separated not because of those reasons but because Courtney was tired of her hubby's childish ways. I guess it was because he was 7 years her junior but I don't buy that reason. He's already 39 years old for heaven's sake! And now he is being interviewed and he shouted to the world that he tried to seduce Courtney and even wanted to *&^% her but his ex-wife didn't give in. Come on, should he really say that for the whole world to know? If he wants to get back to his wife and be accepted, I guess he should try to keep his mouth shut first. Well, this is entirely my own opinion. (image source: click the picture)