Apr 13, 2011

Mixed Nuts

I am quite exhausted today. I would've felt relieved for I have already found a replacement for my old house help but I guess I was still under stress that I feel this way. I have to take care of my 2 kids and my helper is just here to assist me with the household chores. But still, I am glad for it. At least, I'd be able to relax from my other chores. At least my concentration will be more on my kids and not so much on the house. And I guess I should give myself more rest so that I will have energy to do other things and one is blogging. I've even have some paid post but are not yet done coz I was tired. I'm actually trying to drag myself to do it so that I will not have anything else to think of today. But I know, by doing it slowly yet surely, I can finish my task...