Apr 13, 2011

SEO Consultant

Have you heard about this SEO Essex guy who is the extreme opposite of what you think of? Well, anybody has styles and it doesn't mean a person doesn't dress properly, he is not the right person for the position. Just in the case of Jamie Bennett who is an SEO consultant from Essex. If you will see them, you will not think right away that he is an SEO because of the way he looked. He's got tattoo and piercings yet when he works, he does really work. He is serious about his job and even work under pressure. But these SEOs have other lives, too. They deserve a break so just don't be too shock if you see them having fun or good time. I personally would like to have a boss like that than somebody who works like a horse and forget that there is also life aside from his job.

Obviously, this SEO guy that they are describing is well loved by his co-workers. And he seems to know how to balance his life from work and pleasure. He can be a friend to anyone but also can be your mentor when it comes to work.