Apr 26, 2011

We Don't Need Them!

I'm quite pissed off with our neighboring kids. I know I should not interfere but their being mean to my daughter was too much. I don't want to cause any trouble and the best way I could protect my daughter is not to play with them.

You see, we live in this place of only a year. These kids from our neighbor befriended my child and how happy she was. My child is 7 years old and her sibling is still an infant. So, imagine how ecstatic she was to found a new friend in our neighbor. Sadly, these kids were not so nice to her. If they can't get my daughter's things, they would say that they will not befriend her anymore. Sometimes, I heard them say that my daughter's boring or her way of playing was nonsense. Excuse me, they were at our house and the nerve for them to say that. But still, I tolerated. These kids come to our place if they liked it and if they were inside our house, they were always trying to make our house a mess.

This afternoon, my child who didn't play with friends lately because it was Holy Week, was so eager to play with them. She asked permission from me. I was hesitant but then later agreed. When she called the neighbors if they could play, I've heard it loud and clear when they said "We don't need you!". I was so hurt and so mad to hear those words from those kids. They were so MEAN! I called my daughter right away and told her not to play with them anymore. I was pissed off that I told my daughter never to play with them again and that 'she doesn't need them, too'. What I did might be too much but as a mom, I couldn't bear to hear those words from those naughty, naughty kids. Thank goodness I'm not friends with their families so it's easy for me not to let them get inside our house! I'm so mad that even my child's nanny was also furious with those kids. How I hate bullies because it reminds me of my childhood experiences...Sigh...