Oct 27, 2011


Sorry, been M.I.A lately. I was busy doing other things and I don't want to post any rantings this time, I need positive vibes, hehe :D

There's no exciting things to share anyway and so far, life at home is okay. My kid's having her break from school and as usual, I do my daily chores at home. In fact, I have tons of clothes to iron but am so damn tired to do it I'd better procrastinate again and again, hehe. I'm planning to do it tomorrow, haha.

My MIL suggested that I hire now a maid to do things for me but I can't stand them anymore. So fed up adjusting to them and teaching them what to do and the next few days, they would either leave or we'll kick them out for the mess they do. It's peaceful at home now that I don't have a maid. Although at times, it's nice to let other people do things for you but if they're a pain in the ass, then I don't need them..

Life's been okay lately here... so far, so good and I won't trade it for something that will give me a headache ;-)