Sep 29, 2011

Bid and Own!

Let me share to you something about my mom. She's a thrifty shopper and if she buys things, she made sure that there's a promo or a raffle entry and hope to win. Well, that's my mom, she wants her shopping galore to be worthwhile and she indeed won some of the contests. Sometimes, she asked me to fill up some forms because I might get lucky also.

I guess she will be very much interested in reading reviews as it offers great opportunities. They have products open for bidding like iPad, iPhone, laptops, jewelries, etc. However, if you do not win the bid, you still can use your bid in acquiring the items that you like to have. They have everything stored for you, all you have to do is play it ;-)

If you have some queries, you can check out their site and don't hesitate to ask them. They guarantee that the customer service in charge is polite and courteous enough to help you with what you want to know. So, good luck on your bids and hope you are able to get what you want to have. Tell your other friends, too, in case they want to join!