Sep 21, 2011

Facebook's New Look

Almost all people went gaga on Facebook's new change. Well, I was one of them and I don't like the new look for it gave me a headache. There's a box on the upper right corner showing other people's activities every now and then. The pictures on my wall got bigger and some were cut I cannot appreciate it anymore. FB is so fickle-minded it keeps on changing. I don't even like the way I viewed the pictures that I'd rather choose the old one. Are the people behind this change not contented? Can't they not see and read the response of the people? Don't they get it that We don't like it?! But then there's nothing we can do for we are just users of their site.

Thankfully, there's an option on the settings that we can revert the old FB format and I just did it. It may not be the old FB look that I want but at least it's closer than the new and crazy one =)



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