Jul 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse is Dead!

Amy Winehouse was found dead Saturday at her home at Canden Square, London. She was 27 years old. Cause of her death was still unknown but she was known for her bizarre behavior, beehive hair and rehab stints.

She was dead before 2 ambulance was sent to the scene. Amy became famous for her Back to Black album released on 2006.

We'll soon find out what caused her death but in my opinion, I guess this was due to drug overdose. It was just so sad to know that she died at an early age. She could have lived longer if she was not hooked on drugs, if she practiced self-discipline, if she tried to help herself but oh well, maybe it was also her choice no matter how other people tried to help her. I hope others learned a lesson from her. So much of life ahead and if you're down, hooking to drugs is not an answer... for it can surely kill you. Anyway, rest in peace Amy...