Aug 5, 2011

Apollo 18

This is the new poster released for Apollo 18. This movie will be shown on September 2, 2011. This is based on a true story, about the 2 astronauts sent secretly on a mission to the moon. Although NASA vehemently deny this happened, but others insisted that it was true and some of the captured pictures were shown in this film. Watching this movie will make everybody believed why it was decided not to send man to the moon after this incident.

Well, I have no idea yet on what's to happen in this story but all I'm sure of is that this is a story about astronauts sent to the moon. Having read the plot, it made me want to watch this movie, to better find out what's going to happen and what's all this hullabaloo about this film. It better be good, I must say. I'll review on this again after seeing the film...