Aug 26, 2011

When Friendship Turned Sour...

Whew! I came from somebody else's blog wherein this person was ranting about another person. I read what this blogger wrote and I seem to sympathize. Then, I logged on to my social network account and read somebody's rant in there. When I read it, it turned out that this person and that blogger were bickering to each other. Actually, they are both blogger and when I read both their sides, I found out that both committed mistakes, both had miscommunications and both were also right with their reasoning...

Anyways, I don't want to meddle with their business but it's just sad to know that they used to be very good friends (turned-sour). They have invested emotional bank already, they have shared good memories together and it just turned bad in one snap.

That's why I don't want to have a very close relationship with other bloggers for I don't really know who am I talking to. Of course I know the name, their places and whatever but to be very deeply in touch with them is so hard for me to do. Even with your own siblings and best friends you have misunderstanding, how much more to the person you don't actually see?

I didn't take sides to any one of them. Besides, why do I care? haha. No, actually, I don't want to meddle. I know know the root so I leave that to them. Hope they can settle that themselves because they're off age already and have kids for pete's sake! Okay, as I've said, I won't meddle so I'll just end my story here, hehe..



That is so sad...

I've had the very same experience, too. The two bloggers are also my friends. I've already met both of them, and they really did have a very good friendship..

I'm not sure what happened, though.. Just one day, one blogger posted some rants and then the other one did, too.. No one named names, but it was very obvious that they were talking about each other.

I just kept my mouth shut. It was none of my business, anyway..

They aren't friends anymore.. So sad.