Jul 23, 2011

Blog Mishap

Something is definitely wrong with my blog. I decided to change my template but still, some of my widgets are seen at the bottom of my blog not on the side. I guess it looks better with the new template now unlike with the previous one where the colors were not even properly showing.

I still have to study with what had happened to my blog. I'm not an expert and I hope somebody will lend a hand to help me. But I know this does not go for free so I'd better do it myself.

Oh, be back later. Just telling others out there what happen to my blog in case your link/s are missing here. And just inform me if you're not on my list anymore for I'll be happy to put you back ;-)

And by the way, just sharing to you something valuable before I go, for it might inspire you. Sometimes, I think it is beneficial to take some web design
for I've known a lot of people succeeded in this field. And based on my research, GuidetoOnlineSchools.com is a
good place to start
. Why don't we try it now?!



Hi, I was wondering if you could delete the links to Guide to Online Schools on this page? We've been hit with a Google penalty and need links like these removed. Thank you so much for your help and feel free to email me with any questions.