Nov 13, 2011

Don't Ask Me...

I'm quite pissed off right now. I just hope when someone asked me for a stupid question, he should be prepared for my sarcastic answer. Actually, I'm just trying to save his ass for all the credits that he has had. While I saved a lot, the other is living like a one day millionaire. I just hope he put the money into good use or save it for the rainy days. Because every time that he ran out of money, he's always babbling over me or making me feel like I'm the guilty party for not sparing him the money that he needs to pay for his credit CARDS. I spare actually, but I don't give a big amount shit of money coz I already have nothing left!

Darn it! Bullshit! I'm so pissed off and mad right now for he's also mad at me. He wanted to buy himself a gadget the he doesn't even need. We have so many gadgets at home and some are not even used already because he got tired of it! But it's not always enough for him. He has already EVERYTHING but still he's not yet contented I sometimes wish I'd go somewhere away from him! This is sickening! I hope he pay his bills first before thinking of buying luxury items. I hope he gets that but he never ever did!