Jan 13, 2012

Lazy Teacher

My daughter is to join Math quiz bee on Monday but I was just quite frustrated with her Math teacher as she didn't give any transmittal letter on what my daughter would prepare. I was only able to talk to the class adviser and told me to just review the lessons with my daughter and even those that were not yet taken up. Halllllleeeeerrrr! Do I have to read and review the whole book to my daughter?!

I believed in my daughter's capacity yet proper communication should be channeled to us. The teacher didn't even return the latest test papers so I'm not sure what else my daughter will study. This Math teacher really frustrates me. I know she knew what she teaches but her laziness is what I can't take. She's always delayed in checking the assignments, the books and the test papers. If I don't reprimand her, I'm sure she won't bother checking at all. I guess I'm the only mom in my child's class/level who kept on checking on this teacher. And that's the only time she worked on it but if nobody would complain, I think she won't do anything about it.

I am not smart but I don't like sloppy teachers especially if my daughter took effort in answering her homework. I paid my daughter's tuition on time so they should also do their work on time unless some unavoidable circumstances happened. They are already on their 4th quarter and still, I see on changes on this Math teacher. That's why, I favored her Science teacher more because aside from being smart, she doesn't delay things.

Well, I could only wish my daughter good luck for now. We'll try to review starting tonight but only those that were taken up. The rest, I could only sigh... and murmur... darn this teacher.