Feb 5, 2012

I'm Challenged!

Lately, cooking food's been a challenge for me. I know how to cook but I'm not really a good one. I just cook the usual food my family ate at home and if I experiment, my family would not mind if I got the right taste or if it's too bland.

Anyway, since my in-laws are staying with us for the meantime, I'm usually worried with what I cook for lunch or dinner. Breakfast's not a problem for the food are just easy to cook. I'm just worried that they don't like the taste of my food. Worried also if I included ingredients that might compromise their health. My MIL avoid eating meat so I refrain from cooking meaty food unless she already ate or not around. She prefer to eat milk fish and not some other kinds of fish. But hubby's been buying fishes that we love to it. The result? I cook 2 kinds of fish to solve the problem :-)

Tomorrow, I will be going to cook malunggay fish soup and I hope and pray that I'll hit the right taste. What a big challenge for me!



I'm thinking of posting a 21-day cooking challenge. Posting my dishes so I am obliged to cook everyday, for 21 days. Found this idea in some bloggers too. You wanna join me? hehe