Feb 15, 2009


In a country like the Philippines, almost everybody has a cellphone. It is considered a necessity. Young or old people own a cellphone, rich or poor own a cellphone and only the brand differs. Before, I can say it's a status quo but now it's more of a need, a must, a requirement to easily gain access to the person you wanted to call or text. And if that's the case, of course, one has to answer the phone, too!

But one has the right to screen if they want to reply or not. It is reasonable not to answer if you don't know who's the caller/texter or if you don't like them. But what I don't like is when I don't get a reply from a person close to you ~ a person whom you consider a friend and I thought that I am also important to him/her. And it did not happen once or twice but plenty of times. And the reason? No load. I hope it's true. Another reason? "I texted you and you did not reply"...really, huh? Maybe I just expect too much then. Yeah, right. And I hate that. I guess I should stick now to my motto - that I should not bother to text or call that person anymore unless that person will do it first.