Jan 27, 2009


It's funny how some people give to so many specific instructions and conditions yet they are still the ones breaking it. It's like telling you to do this and that but if it were them violating the rules, they have every right to do so. Ironic but crazy.

Another thing that I've noticed in my work place lately was that some seniors were asking the trainees to express their opinion or suggestions. Nobody actually wanted to voice out but one trainee was brave to do so. And just as I expected, the seniors found his suggestion not appealing to the work place and did not buy his opinion. Crazy but Ironic.

There are so many situations that I've observed and encountered that I found it oddly funny. Like when I used to work in an office years ago and there was this person who didn't like to help or share what she knew. The result, I kept bothering and asking so many questions. I just can't do things that I'm not sure of or else, we'll be in trouble. So, we ended up wasting our time. Ironic, don't you think?