Jan 15, 2009

When Mother Nature Strikes

It seems mother nature is not so kind to us these days... or maybe she's also having a terrible time. 2009 started with a heavy rain, and some of our neighboring zones were greatly affected by flood. We thought that was it, but the following week another flood came and more worst scenario happened. It rained for several days and until now it has not stopped. Strong winds occur during late at night or early morning, and sometimes, it was eerie to hear. Good thing that most schools suspended their classes as it would endanger the students especially the little ones. Some establishments declared a half-day holiday, too, however, hospital employees need to work to attend to their patients. Anyway, hoping this never-ending rain will finally stopped because it's been days (or a week) that we haven't seen sunshine in our place. But more importantly, I wish there will be no more victims and everyone will be spared this time from any calamity. Dear mother nature, hear us!