Jan 24, 2009

Argued Over Nonsense Stuff

Argument is part of life but sometimes, I just can't stand having an argument over some petty things. I guess we are also entitled to our opinion as long as we don't harm others. However, when I watched TV and expressed my opinion over one news or episode, my mom would always tell me to mind my own business and do not interfere with the lives of others. Those on TV are public figures, why can't I make my own opinion over them? This is a democratic country so I'm free to express what I want... But I did not even make any negative remarks! Then, I just realized that maybe she was reacting that way because she was very loyal to that network. Damn! That's why I don't like to watch TV especially if the people around me are so into their preferred network! They just can't accept criticism. Glad that I watch whenever I like or want it in no particular station. That way I can say I am not biased...