Jan 26, 2009


There's nothing wrong to criticize as long as you're on the right track. Constructive criticism can even better one person as long as things were not done personally. What I just despise is when a person always criticizes other people. I believe that nobody is perfect and I think the best way to end your irritation to other people is to confront him or her. But if you can't, why bother yourself to that person? I believe that when a person starts to give negative comments to anybody, I can also be her victim. It usually goes that way.

I always wanted to have a positive outlook in life and wanted to have a positive vibes in my surroundings. However, I'm also a picky person. If I find one person to be unworthy of my friendship, why should I stick to her? I am free to choose valuable friends and free to live a hassle-free life.