Jan 14, 2010


It's already 2010 and I am hoping again for the best this year. Actually, I am always looking forward for a good start every year. But there are really things that it's out of my control. A lot of things had happened in the past years, I have so many dreams and wishes that were not granted and things that I did not expect to happen happened.

This year though, I still wish to fulfill my wishes and dream. There might be a new diversion in my life that will happen this year but I am not closing my doors to any possibility just to reach my goal. I have to admit that I've dealt a lot of frustrations and sometimes depression but life's a roller coaster so I will just have to ride on it. Experiencing these things made me a stronger person, too. I've realized that my family needs me and I need them, too. I should also take into consideration that my personal ambition sometimes blinded me and not realizing that I neglect what my family felt, too. So, that's why this year, whatever decision I make, I should also consult my family and see if it brings peace and harmony not just to me but to everybody.



wishing u all the best this year peps! for you and your family!!