Jan 26, 2010

Tee Time Potty Putter

I remembered my dad who enjoyed a lot of sports and took some of his time to really practice. His last hobby was golfing and told me that this sport made him calm and at ease and gave him no pressure.

Anyway, are you an amateur in playing golf or already a pro? Do you think you need extra practice more? Because there's a way where you can practice it anytime and anywhere in your free time. I knew some guys love to practice putting in their spare time at home and some, during break time at the office. They say this kind of sport make them less bored and helped them relax their minds. Well, good news for you because you can also practice this inside your bathroom. I thought this was silly the first time I've heard about it but after knowing that this was actually done by others, I guess I'm going to bring you this news, too. Some of the guys even mentioned that doing potty putter inside the bathroom make the place less boring. If it were me, I prefer to read the newspaper. But for those of you who prefers otherwise and hoping not to daydream, doing tee potty putter may be recommended for you.