Jul 24, 2010

Natalie Portman as the Black Swan

One of the young actresses that I really admire these days is Natalie Portman. For me, she's brilliant, so, it's no question why she is being tagged today as the future Jodie Foster as her acting has substance and not just Hollywood's some pretty faces. I first saw her as the young sweeper or protege of Leon the professional. At that age, she was already noticed by the film critics and people for her fine performance. I've seen her several movies as she grew up like Starwars, where she played as Queen Amidala. She even had her hair shaved in V for Vendetta because she wanted to internalize and be believable for the role that she played. Her acting was very convincing in The Other Boleyn Girl even though I hate the outcome of that movie. Her latest film that I am looking forward to watch is the Black Swan where she portray the role of a ballerina. Knowing Portman, she love to play a role that is unique. I guess her character in here is a little bit rebellious... well, that's as far as I know. One thing is for sure, I'm gonna watch her show. (click the picture for image source)