Jul 24, 2010


Another movie that I am looking forward to watch is the Angelina Jolie-starrer, Salt. If it's an action film, I'm in for it, no doubt! I'm not really a big fan of Angie and I don't hate her either. I just love some of her films especially if it's an action-thriller movie. Her personality is so strong, too, that her portrayal is very much convincing. Right now, Salt is being shown in North America and I feel this movie will fare well in theaters.

Jolie plays a fugitive in this film after she's being accused of being a KGB agent. I've learned also that initially, the movie film outfit considered to get Tom Cruise to play the lead part but totally changed the script when it was replaced by Jolie.

Well, if the story is great combined with good casting and performance, I expect this film to be another blockbuster on Jolie's film... (click picture for image source)