Apr 9, 2009


We went to the beach this afternoon. There were plenty of people but it was peaceful. The weather was great, too, that we were able to appreciate the view, the place and what we saw. We just stood near the water but did not swim. We just felt the sand...

We dined at a certain resort in there. They also have a swimming pool but we were not interested to take the plunge, anyway. So, we just ate there together with some of our family members. We stayed for awhile in the evening. It was so relaxing lying on the hammock that the resort provided. But since we didn't plan to sleep in there so, we went home. It was a nice Holy Thursday but I thought it best to stay home and do some reflection :)



Hello !

First, I'm from Belgium, so my english language is a little bad :( I'm sorry for the mistakes.

I'm making a blog on blogspot with the same template that you (is very pretty ^^)but I have a problem : The line under the title (with Autho, labels and so one) doesn't appear, and I don't understand why :(
Have you an idea ? Can you explain me ? That would be very great !

My blog : http://movies-dream.blogspot.com/

Bye :)