Apr 9, 2009

Holy Week

It's already Holy Week and I thought of the usual stuff I did back when my dad was still alive. We used to go to the Church and made the Station of the Cross. After that we would buy some peanuts and fruits and ate it either at the park or at home. He was religious. I missed those moments with him that until now, I could still vividly recalls his times with us together.

Anyway, for this Holy Week, I plan to follow his tradition. However, it was quite hard to follow everything as I have my own family now and we also have different denominations. I might still visit the church but I know I would be on my own. Then, I'll be back with my family at home after wards. Not much to plan but stay home and maybe do some cleaning or read a bible story with my kid. Have a meaningful Holy Week to all of you and advance Happy Easter!