Apr 29, 2009

Whazz Up?!

I used to like Wednesdays because I felt that the time I spent at my working area is shortened. Every Wednesday morning there's a meeting that lasted for about 2 hours before we proceed to our work. However, lately, I don't like it anymore. What was discussed the previous weeks were tackled again. The burned issues were brought up again and same people were always being reprimanded that made most of us sick in hearing all these. Can't they just stick to the main issues? Or maybe they're experiencing Alzheimer's or memory loss already or maybe they suffered neologism that they can't stop repeating the same thing over and over again. Can't wait to get out from their sight, too, even though I don't have any issue with them. Hearing them made me sick because for how many months I've been with them, none of their problems were solved. And if ever there's a solution, they look for another problem again. Sigh.