Apr 21, 2010

Looking For A Quality School

I was quite busy lately sorting things out and planning on what to do for the next months. I am currently scouting for a good school for my child because I don't want her to be deprived of a good education. Actually, we are surrounded with good schools in our area. There's a school that is just very near to our place. My child will just walk for less than 3 minutes and she'll be there. However, I've heard there are many bullies in there. There's another school that is a 3-minute drive but I was kinda hesitant to enroll her there. I've heard they focused more on sports. They used to have a very high standard before. I don't know what happen now. Another school is a 5-minute drive (if it's not traffic) but I like their standard. I prefer this school however my relatives kept telling me to enroll her to the nearest school.

Now I am pondering and weighing things. As I've said, I don't want my child to be deprived of a good education. And I think I have the last say. I am the mother. And I am after of the quality and safety of my child. So, I guess the last school that I've mentioned is my preferred choice. But who knows, I might change my mind next time. It would have been nice if my child will go to school just near our place...sigh, wish I can decide right now.