Apr 12, 2010

Nights in Rodanthe

I've read Nicolas Sparks's novel Nights in Rodanthe last year. I was hesitant to read at first because the characters were already in their middle-aged years. Another thing, Nicolas Sparks has a trademark in his every (or most) book wherein one of the characters died (remember Message in a Bottle, A Walk in the Clouds? etc...).
I'm also not a sucker for love story but I finished reading the book because I wanted to know how the story will end. Anyway, these 2 middle-aged people found solace to each other, fell in love but knew that they would go on separate ways because they each have a life to fulfill.... The story ended well, with everyone at peace to each other. However, for me, the plot was so simple. Sparks just made the mother and daughter have a restrained relationship just to stretch the story of the book. But overall, it was ok. At least, the book had a happy ending :D