Apr 17, 2010

Ricky Martin's Promo Video

I was very young when Menudo band was very popular. Ricky Martin already stood out at that time. When he came back to the entertainment world in the 90's as a solo performer, I had a huge crush on him. His songs were great, too. After his Livin' la Vida Loca days, he seem to vanish into thin air. I seldom heard about him until his sexuality was questioned by many. I had suspicions already the mere fact that he was not involved with anybody. But I was on denial. I then learned that he had twin sons via artificial insemination (pls correct me if I'm wrong, thnx!). I thought he was the sexiest daddy but at the back of my mind, I asked why did he opt to have a surrogate mother while he can have someone as his lifetime partner and have plenty of kids? But last month, he finally revealed his true self. Well, we have to respect him and for his decision to finally come out in the open. He's still human and as long as he does not harm anybody, what right do we have to judge him? Anywhere, below is the video I've seen from youtube. It is his promo video on his upcoming world tour. I guess he was trying to give us a message that he was really struggling within himself...and when he finally revealed his real self, it seems to be that he was re-birthing himself..



This video was made for Ricky Martin's Black & White Tour in 2007! It is not new at all!


Ok. Thanks for the info and yeah, this video is so 2007.. But he's using this again for his comeback and promote his upcoming Black and White tour. He linked this on his twitter acct. But maybe this time, the message is a little bit different as he announced it to everyone that he's gay and proud of it.. ;-)